Post-election demos are meaningless – Mutharika  

President Peter Mutharika says demonstrations against the outcome of the May 21 elections are meaningless since the polls were free and fair.

The Malawi leader was speaking on Friday when he addressed Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters who paraded the streets of Blantyre to celebrate the party’s election victory.

DPP supporters during the parade

Mutharika who is also DPP president said the elections were endorsed by international observes.

“For your own information, these demonstrations protesting the 2019 elections are meaningless because observers from different countries already declared the elections as free, fair and credible. Besides, they even commended Malawi Elections Commission (MEC) for managing well the elections,” he said.

Opposition parties and civil society organisations have been holding protests demanding MEC chairperson Jane Ansah to resign for mismanaging the elections. The protests turned violent earlier this month when protesters set buildings on fire and looted shops and offices.

Addressing the multitudes of DPP supporters, Mutharika said he was pleased to note that the supporters paraded the streets of Blantyre without vandalizing any infrastructure let alone smashing any vehicle.

“I am so happy that DPP supporters have conducted peaceful parade. This is the kind of march that Malawi wants. Yes, I understand that everyone has a right to exercise his opinion through demonstration but we should bear in mind that while we are exercising our right, we should not infringe upon the rights of others.

“For instance, vandalizing schools, hospitals or road infrastructure denying others access to such services. This is wrong and if anyone found doing this the law will take its course (ndimunyenyanyenya),” Mutharika said.

The DPP parade was led by Malawi Vice president Everton Chimulirenji who is also a Campaign Director for the party.

The parade which started at DPP Regional Offices to Clock Tower then Sanjika Palace witnessed thousands of DPP supporters clad in blue regalia chanting songs in celebrating the victory of Mutharika in the highly contested May 2l Tripartite elections.

DPP Secretary General, Grezelder Jeffrey, described the march as an exemplary parade in the eyes of opposition leaders.

She thanked Mutharika for keeping his promise to develop the nation in all aspects of development.

Source: Malawi News Agency (Mana)







  1. Mutharika is wasting his precious time to unite Malawi in the few remaining months as a president and he is going to regret .his boasting will not do him good I’d there are advisors around him then they are not doing their job they will be shocked they are under the seat

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