Breaking: Mutharika wins

…Chakwera cries for re-run, Chilima quits politics

President Peter Mutharika has won the Malawi presidential elections with 60 thousand votes.

According to unofficial results, Malawi24 can confidently say that Mutharika will be announced as winner this evening.

Has been re-elected

Mutharika’s inauguration is expected to be on Tuesday.

The last official figures the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) released showed that Mutharika was leading with 40% against Malawi Congress Party presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera’s 35%.

On Friday, MEC chairperson said the commission has counted 98% of the votes but will not release results of the presidential elections before resolving 147 complaints it has received from all the three elections.

Last night, the MCP said it was the one that asked MEC to refrain from releasing official figures before the irregularities are rectified.

Now it has been revealed that Mutharika, 78, has won the elections after beating Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party by 60,000 votes.

Mutharika becomes the third Malawi president to secure re-election.



  1. God bless malawi, guys let us accept what is it and stop fighting for nothing

  2. Malawi doesn’t deserve Peter’s nuisance type of leadership which undermines The Rule of Law and The people’s Voice through Vote. His leadership style is archaic and monopolistic or worse than the one party system Malawi has ever gone through. Democracy doesn’t support egoism or self-centredness, than respect for The People’s Voice.

    It is my sincere hope that if Malawian rejected stones get out to other countries elsewhere in the world, are considered very legitimate, integral and important to elect the corner of any special building, Malawi’s mess can be fixed in a twinkling of an eye. It is in the world’s record that our Defense Force in spite of being so respectful, is very powerful and manly enough when it comes to security. I hope it to be in their understanding that securing The Country is utmostly securing The Nation, much that it is within their responsibility to ensure that people’s rights are in any way respected and valued.

    It sounds unfortunate that Peter Mutharika is for the second time undermining the Essence of The Malawi Law which provides for The Right of Vote as a democratic means of electing our leaders than having them forcibly in through malice and fraud which is fatal as we are not sure of the plans the forcible leader has towards the country’s future.
    May this be taken as a matter of concern and have these hiccups ironed before they grow into a habit.

    It is my belief that Malawi can make The Richest Country in Africa with visionary Leadership. and there are people within, who are wise enough to transform our country to become our pride and an admiration to other Nations, but these big-voiced Politicians have since letted everyone down, and indeed the country is never shooting from embryonic state of nature.

    Will The State be temporarily be in the hands of The Army until such a time PEOPLE’S VOICE will be heard and held, other than going out shooting airs to silence people yet we are in the democracy well fought for.

  3. Why is Malawi not ashamed of its cheap politics and proof of ignorance and indeed burtality in handling its issues.
    All that happened with the 2019 Elections clearly shows The Truth has been frozen with handouts and bribes which takes away people’s choice of leadership as a Right they democratically deserve, at the same time provoking a question as to why do you involve them in voting, wasting their time maneuvering their extremes of poverty. This is very unfair if The Rule of Law to have Democratic Elections of Leaders and the Respect of Human Dignity are to be held.

    For a real Democratic State:
    1. MEC could have authorized any use of alterations of figures by any erasers if accountability was to be the goal of such Elections
    2. I wonder what the use of Monitors is in the electoral process, from the Polling Centre to The MEC;
    * I thought these have to meet at counting votes and jointly sign a document attesting legibility of figures obtained, and send the figures to Contesting Parties and The MEC, thereafter sending Ballot Boxes out for confirmation. That way people could be exchanging ballot Boxes but figures could already be wherever needed to be.

    I don’t think a number of Monitors could fail to calculate and obtain right numbers of votes per candidate head per station.

    Malawi is truly eaten up by corruption. The problem that only need to be sorted by War

  4. Mungoyambitsapo zipolowe za ziiiii. No any other party will accept this…

  5. This is false propaganda. May be Chilima is feeling jealous of Chakwera for winning election according to unofficial results that shows Chakwera won

  6. I great all the leader of my country and am very happy by hearing all the results about election and we need to ne sured that who has taken the position nee d to be identified so that we’re oversese open our eyes and our ears to knw who is our president nw

  7. Stop misleading us. We are waiting for MEC to give us results as you all have your own opinions. We are tired of your unreliable information. Stop it please

  8. The What About Chilima You Must Complete Your Story As To Match Your Title

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