MCP asked MEC to delay election results

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says it asked the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to first rectify irregularities regarding Tuesday’s elections before releasing results of the presidential poll.

The party said this in a statement on Friday evening.

Chakwera: MEC should expedite counting process

MEC chairperson Jane Ansah said earlier on Friday that her commission had received 147 complaints related to the polls hence could not update Malawians on the results before the complaints are resolved.

In its statement, the MCP hailed MEC for the decision to delay results.

According to the MCP, it had observed that presiding officers were refusing to give its monitors copies of result sheets and in some instances presiding offices were being found with doctored result sheets.

The party sent a team to Nsanje to investigate leading to the arrest of one constituency returning officer who was found with doctored result sheets for several polling centres.

The MCP then lodged a complaint with MEC for the commission to investigate the extent of the crimes.

“We further asked MEC to refrain from releasing any further results until these cases are resolved. We did this cognisant of the seriousness and implication of the crimes, for it is one thing for voters to be defrauded by a dishonest politician or political party bent on subverting the will of Malawians but it is another thing entirely for voters to be defrauded by officials and employees of MEC itself.

“In short, it is MEC itself that needs to clear its name and prove its credibility before Malawians,” the party said.

The MCP then asked to tabulate its results using original sheets and to allow party monitors to verify the result sheets.

MCP also called on all Malawians to remain call until all disputes MEC has received are resolved.

The last figures for the president election which MEC released on Thursday showed that President Peter Mutharika had taken a slight lead over Malawi Congress Party presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera while UTM candidate Saulos Chilima was trailing the two.






  1. I would like to ask as a concerned citizen of Republic of Malawi in when we are writing any examination and you have be found by you that you are rigging imeadiately the disqualify you.from that subject so does the word disqualify exist in the dictionary of Mec?

  2. Confused MCP. They wanted results released on Wednesday, but today Saturday, they want release of results delayed.

  3. It is very clear that MCP won this election. It is the only party that is pushing for transparent results. DPP is trying hard to rig the election.

  4. Mukutichititsa manyazi amalawi tayamba ndife ku vote kubako ndi ma vote omwe kumvetsa chisoni I think mutharika mwakalambadi we respect you but no it’s better to resign ngati nzeru nzanu zili bwino bwino ,let chilima take over not that chimulirenji wanuyo no ,you are destroying dpp

  5. We are still waiting for official results don’t tell us you received 147 complaints from all parties.

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