Bushiri restores fire in the bedroom


A Motswana woman whose marriage was on the rocks as her husband had lost sexual interest in her has seen her marriage restored after an encounter with Malawian prophet, Shepherd Bushiri.

In a video clip that has gone viral, Bushiri can be seen prophesying to the woman whom he has never met.

Bushiri starts by asking the woman if they have ever met or if she has ever been in touch with the team at his Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church. The woman assures that they have never met nor has she been in touch with any member of the Bushiri team.

Prophet Bushiri with wifed 

Bushiri then goes ahead to tell the details of the life of the woman. Telling her where her husband works and where she works.

He goes further to tell her that her marriage is crumbling as there is no intimacy in their marriage.

The woman then agrees while screaming that she wants fire in her bedroom.

“We are sleeping in the same bed with my husband but nothing is happening,” the woman says agreeing to Bushiri’s ‘diagnosis’ that her marriage lacks the sexual connection.

Prophet Bushiri challenges the woman that the problems started when she lost a ring and the woman agrees further screaming that since the ring got lost she and her husband have been sleeping as brother and sister with no sex happening between them and she wants things to get back to what they used to be.

“I want the fire back!” the woman cries.

Bushiri then tells her that she should go back and her marriage will be restored.



  1. When is Bushiri going to apologise to the public of Africa for his $100 Billion AFRICCI fake scam fund. Was this the biggest of Bushiris lies and scams ?

  2. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a true prophet. Am not from Malawi or South Africa, but I know this Prophet sent from God to this generation. You can publish whatever you want to publish but “l was blind, but now l see ” because of this Prophet. I pray that God of Major One opens your eyes to see properly. I celebrate the life of this Prophet because he’s a gift to this generation.

  3. Conman Bushiri must apologise to the whole of Africa for his enormous $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam.

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