Parliament approves K155 billion loan

Goodall Gondwe

Parliament Friday authorised Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development to borrow  K155 billion for improving water supply schemes in Blantyre.

The objective of the bill is to increase access to improved water services by financing the construction and rehabilitation water supply schemes in Blantyre and Southern Region.

Goodall Gondwe
Gondwe: the loan will curb water challenges

Speaking with reporters, the Minister responsible Goodall Gondwe said that the bill is very significant since it will curb the challenge of water problem more especially in Blantyre district.

Gondwe added that it has been difficult for the city to supply water as such the funds which government is expected to borrow from Exim Bank will erase such problem.

“This means that there will be construction of an independent 50 Megawatts Solar Power Generation Plant and the replacement of water distribution pipes by Blantyre Water Board project and it will utilise US$150,000,000,” he explained.

The minister went on to say that the solar power will enable BWB to supply the water on its own. US$65 million from the loan will be used by the Sourthern Region Water Board.

Commenting on the issue, Member of Parliament from Mzimba Hora Mzomera Ngwira asked the government to consider his constituency in the project saying that people in his area are still facing water challenges.

Ngwira added that people who are living in rural areas are supposed to benefit from the project by digging more boreholes as well as piped water.

During the day, the August House passed three other bills one of which authorises the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development to obtain from the International Development Association  an amount equivalent to US$35, 900,000.

The objective of the bill is to improve coverage and utilisation of early childhood development services with a focus on nutrition, stimulation and early learning from conception to 59 months in selected districts of this country.