Council irks Councillors by failing to spend money


Councillors in Phalombe district have accused the council of sleeping on the job following revelations that K50 million meant for a project has been sitting in a bank account for over a year.

The Councillors were demanding answers of stalled projects including of Community Social Economic Projects (COMSEP) whose money has been in the coffers of the council since the 2017/2018 fiscal year.

It was reported in the meeting that over Mk50 million is still in the accounts of the council although communities through their area development committees suggested different developmental projects to be done in 2017 and up to date nothing has happened.

Finance Committee chairperson, Damson Chiphaka, said the directors are not helping people of Phalombe and he wondered what will happen with the money when the seats for elected members such as councillors and legislators are dissolved on 20th day of this month.

“We are worried that this money is not being used, it’s been long since government gave us these money, our tenure ends on 20th March 2019 and where do you want to go with these money?” asked Chiphaka who is also Mpasa ward Councillor.

Concurring with the finance committee chairperson was Francis Nunkhazingwe who is a councillor for Thundu ward in Phalombe North constituency who described the development as sad claiming they have been inviting the directors for dialogue but they do not show up in the meetings.

“Secretariat isn’t helping us at all, we have been talking about this matter for so long but these officers seem that they don’t care, you can see that they aren’t even here today despite being invited, it’s very sad.

“From 2017 up to date nothing is happening on the ground, ADCs discussed developmental projects to be done, we don’t know why we are here, this meeting is useless,” Nunkhazingwe said angrily.

The accused officers are Director of Planning and Development, Director of Public Works, Procurement and Director of Administration.

In her response to these complaints, District Commissioner Memory Kaleso, said she has noted whatever was said and that she will convene a meeting on Thursday next week where all these said directors will be invited to take questions from the concerned council members.