Bushiri surprises BT-LL road-side fresh produce traders with cash to boost their small scale businesses


There were scenes of shock, disbelief and surprises along the Blantyre-Lilongwe road as road-side fresh produce traders got unexpected cash to boost their business courtesy of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Bushiri giving money to the traders

Bushiri was on his way from Lilongwe to Blantyre and he stopped along the road to greet small-scale business people and also support them with some cash.

Onlookers say Bushiri’s gesture has brought shock, disbelief and surprises to thousands who could hardly discern what a generous man he is.

We engaged Bushiri’s spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo to explain as to why Major 1 had to this to which he responded: “I am in Blantyre organizing the book launch, but knowing my boss and his generosity, I am not surprised. He always want to do something to help people.”

Bushiri is launching his six books tonight at Victoria Gardens in Blantyre.



  1. Atlist the man is trying to help,Enanu mwapanga chani? Why can’t you just be happy for his helping hand? Anthu muli ndi problem,……
    Mutukuka bwanji ngati simukuthokoza anzanu omwe akuthandiza wena? Nkhwidzi…….Mejor 1 keep it flowing ansanje asanduke chulu cha nchere.

  2. We thank GOD for such a great man as Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. His got such a good heart and He strongly believes in people who don’t despite humble beginnings because His also a result of that. He is such an inspiration to us , His sons and daughters . May GOD greatly bless Him and increase Him in all aspects of His life. Thank you

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