UTM to abolish Malawi school feeding programme

Saulos Chilima

United Transformation Movement (UTM) will abolish school feeding programme if voted into office in the 2019 Malawi Tripartite Elections.

UTM argues that the programme has failed the country’s education.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: Worse for education

Speaking during a political rally held at Kasiya in Lilongwe on Sunday, UTM Secretary General Patricia Kaliati claimed the school feeding programme is worsening the quality of education.

“Learners even forget to take notebooks when going to school and instead, they only remember to take cups for porridge,” Kaliati has been quoted as saying.

She also argued that some of the porridge children eat at school is not good for human consumption.

“Some of the porridge these learners eat at school is not that hygienic”

She said the party will ensure that families the children come from have ample food reserves.

“We will look at how much food a learner needs in three months. We will make sure that parents have that food and prepare it at home.



  1. I think this woman in brainless,no wonder Calllista said she thinks after she had spoken.She thinks in reverse always???Shut up

  2. Eating porridge at school is not bad at all .the bad thing is utm abandoning it because you need your own children dying with hunger at school.first tell us how are you going to calculate all family problem do you think food you ar going to give to the parent will be eaten by the child going to school all the whole family. Thus why we say you think like a child and you will never lead our beautiful country otherwife you will destroy it like the previous Government. Tell the people point that can reduce poverty in malawi not something that will warsed our country. Utm is a greedy movement that want just to destroy the warm heart of Africa

  3. These UTM drunkards are not serious. It all started with the chief drunkard, Chilima himself, who promised Malawians free malaria drugs in public hospitals where they are already provided free of charge. Now we have this Kaliati promising to abolish school feeding programme which is working wonders as far as school attendance is concerned. If I had the power, I’d outlaw this group.

  4. Kodi Kaliati ukufuna kutiuza chani? Iwe amene umayamikira program yomweyo uli ku DPP Lelo ukuti ayi, wamisaladi iwe eti?

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