Only DPP can develop Malawi – Mutharika


President Peter Mutharika says it is only his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that can develop the country.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika and First Lady Gertrude Mutharika at the event

Mutharika made the remarks during the Blue Night event on Friday at Kamuzu Palace.

He said God gave the ruling party a mission to develop Malawi hence no other party can be able to develop the country because that is the DPP’s destiny.

“We must remember that we have a goal. The reason why we exist as a party is to develop Malawi. Our mission is to lead this country and take the poor out of poverty.

“I believe in this party. I have faith in the DPP. And I have my faith in you. You and I have the sacred mission to develop this country,” Mutharika said.

On 2019 elections, Mutharika expressed confidence the DPP will win the polls with a landslide victory saying the party has weathered many storms.

“We have fought and conquered before. We have survived crisis after crisis. We survived attempts to impeach [late President] Bingu [WA Mutharika]. We survived Bingu’s death. Bingu fell but the Party did not fall.

“When Bingu died and [people] abandoned us, you and I remained loyal to the Party because we believe in this Party,” the president said.

During the speech, Mutharika urged DPP members to work hard in order to accomplish the party’s god-given mission.

He said members should give whatever they can to the DPP instead of waiting to receive from the party.

Mutharika said: “We all have something to give! And we have something to share.”



  1. Stop lying , you have failed wa mdala. Chabe mukamba vitumbuwa but brain yanu inatsiira. Peter Mutharika ndiwe useless president in Malawi’s history, even Bakili, the failure, can shine. What have you achieved for the past 4 yrs? DPP can and will never develop Malawi but will forever, given a chance, steal from Malawians – Khalani pansi mwakota and mulibe style… Forsake you idiot kikikiki.

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