Organisation geared to end drug abuse

Hope Counselling and Recreation Centre has vowed to fight Drug and alcohol abuse as one way of curbing the spread of HIV and AIDS among the youths.

Speaking to Malawi24, Hope Counselling and Recreation Centre Board Chairperson Pilirani Ndaferankhande said that most of the youths involved in drug and alcohol abuse come from single parent families.

Youths during the counselling

Ndaferankhande added that many youths lack parental care as well as guidance and counselling on issues regarding HIV and Aids, sexually transmitted diseases and alcohol abuse.

“Many parents do not have time to hear from their children because of several circumstances surrounding them as such the children end up in such immoral behaviours,” she explained.

According to Ndaferankhande, as a way of curbing the problem the organisation has been conducting guidance and counselling lessons to young people aged from 14 to 27 to assist them on how they can refrain from such practices.

She explained that through the lessons, some of the youths have stopped using drugs but there are others who are failing to do so.

She therefore pledged to be following them after the lessons to ensure that they are moving forward and contributing to development of this country.

Hope Counselling and Recreation Centre was established in 2016. The organisation fights against drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases among the youths through guidance and counselling. It works with specialists, pastors and prosecutors to ensure that the youths refrain from the bad practices.