Chilima says he will expose APM’s corrupt regime

Saulos Klaus Chilima

Vice President Saulos Chilima is heading towards being a sting to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leadership – which he worked with for four years before his bowing out – as he has said he will expose the government in several acts he claims were corrupt.

Chilima who has now formed his party – the United Transformation Movement (UTM) says he will do this in a ‘few weeks’.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima (R): Says will expose DPP

He made the remarks when he was launching the party in Lilongwe on Saturday.

According to Chilima, now is the time for change as the DPP has eaten out most of public funds in various dubious deals.

His remarks come as there is a standing uproar for President Peter Mutharika to step down.

The DPP, as Malawi24 reported recently, has been asked to pay back a staggering K145 Million believed to have been amassed through a dubious deal through the Malawi Police Service.

Chilima says corrupt acts were also present in the purchase of generators to be used by electricity supplier, Escom.

His UTM faces a tight challenge against the DPP, opposition MCP and PP in next year’s polls.

A faction that arose from the DPP pushed for his candidature. Most of his proponents have used the ‘it’s time for the youth’ agenda.




  1. Mbava inu musayalusane APA Nonse ndinu akuba mukufuna kuvala angelic face bwanji mukuyenda ndi mbava zazikazi komaso zamkamwa mowola like Kaliyati.
    Thamangisani mbavazo Kaye mwina tikukhulupilirani bwana

  2. Mr Chilima simunalakwitse kuyambitsa chipani chanu koma vuto limodzi lomwe mwanyamula ndi andale enawo omwe anali zipani zina kale amenewo ndiomwe atakusokonezeni. …..olo Kamuzu sanali olakwa koma omwe anamuzungulira kudzaso B.Muluzi/Bingu omuzungulira ndiomwe amalakwitsa zinthu amafuna kunyumba kwawo buledi asasowe nde inunso mukuwatengaso omwewo ndiamene azizaba m’boma lanu

  3. Iyeyoso ndi amene anali patsogolo pokubapo ndiye as abwereasy ngati ngelo apa

  4. Kikiikiki my prayer is he can be right but sounded by power hungry people. These front ladies in front of him are of Hiden agenda. Chilima should ask how many bible leaders fail due people like kaliati, calista etc. IAM very worried of him pushing politics. He is good manager but not politician. He could resign n put his mind on his career

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