Minister of Information doesn’t know 4G


Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi has kicked up a social media storm after failing to explain what 4G is.

Dausi on Thursday was asked to about the meaning of 4G but he told the House that he needed to consult first.

Nicholas Dausi

Dausi (R) samples the new innovations during the launch of 4.5G asTNM Board Chair George Partridge and PS for Information Justin Saidi look on.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya came to Dausi’s rescue by providing the meaning of the term.

Malawians on social media are however not amused with the minister’s failure to explain such a term considering that he recently launched Airtel’s 4G network and TNM’s 4.5G network.

Economist Henry Kachaje weighed in on the matter on Friday saying: “The Minister of Information, Communications and Technology doesn’t know what 4G means!

“Ndiye a bwana akuti tiwapatse zaka zina zisanu kuti atitukule kufika pa saizi ya maiko aku Ulaya.  Ntchito ilipo.”

Some Malawians commenting on Kachaje’s post wondered if Dausi can tell network providers to improve their services if he does not know about latest technologies in the telecommunications sector



“I don’t think Malawians we really need good things to come to Malawi. Palibe zonena kuti Dausi is right. Being Minister of Information and Technology he is supposed to know what technology is all about ndiye awauza bwanji ma company Kuti apange improve network,” said Ethan Tinamou Hunter

While Temwa Munthali Munthali Munthali said: “It seems Malawi is an experimentally nation…how do you expect to improve our country’s technology if the hub behind policy making regarding such issues the minister of technology together with the August house members (MP) doesn’t know the meaning of 4G. This simply shows they don’t know also how it operate/its functions. ..I think ma ministers still communicate using makalata thus why ma decisions are delayed in the country hence killing our economy due to time factor.”




  1. I think akanamufusa mr Chilima he knows it. he could have just jumped bwana chilima may you enlighten us on the question paused he should have heard how old in technology this guy is mesa akuti mu ndale ndi baby.

  2. That’s true Bibo.Sometimes I conclude that Malawi is a a cursed country.Just look at the whole leadership!Indeed fucked.Dausi?Don’t expect anything tangible f from these asslickers!Not even from the current oppostionn Azholz!Malawi as of now deserves just a caretaker governing council comprising just technocrats where Minister of Health must be a real qualified health individual getting the post thru interviews,that of Energy by a real qualified Engineer etc not Like Atupelez just bcoz of asswiping!Bulshit!Unfortunately we have a large mass of idiots who don’t even know that when one is in the majority,it simply shows that something is very wrong and it’s time time to reflect .

  3. It’s just unfortunate that at such critical moment he hadn’t done basic work of acquainting himself with technical terms.
    As a political head of Department or Ministry he doesn’t necessarily need to be a graduate Technologist. Civil service is responsible for that. Otherwise State Presidents would need to be Political Scientists which isn’t a constitutional requirement.

  4. Look now the kind of ministers we have, he doesnt know the environment around him. 4G, was just like a nàme of a new opposition party. Wake up guys! We need to reshape our country before its too late. Am proud of you guys who have openly challenged the weaknesses of the leadership. You love our country.

  5. he is honest for telling the truth that he doesn’t know,if his lack of knowing is a valid reason for DPP to get booted out of govt then let it be.Tech upgrades is a day to day phenomenonal n expecting the minister to be always on point that will only be if he is an ICT student.Let’s not divert our anger to an issue less relevant to our reasons.If Dpp is what we hate the most let’s bahave civilised n remain patience while waiting to boot it out at the ballot box.No body is a know it all regardless of how professional he might be in his field

  6. Ine a Dausi sindikuonapo cholakwa, vuto ndi loti anthu awa sangathe kudziwa technology chifukwa ndi anthu ambiri zakale, technology sangayidziwe, that’s why tikuti anthu awa ndinkhalamba!!!!!

  7. Munthu umapanga research before usanayankhule chinthucho. Apa akulu awa adzipangitsa manyazi kwabasi. Gogo Peter wazimvera yekha how not knowledgeable is our minister of knowledge is. Shame.

  8. This country called Malawi has been fucked up since the days of Muluzi. We have had cabinet ministers that are more political than knowledgable on modern issues. What can one learn from Dausi? Does anyone think Dausi can be tech savvy? Or can Malawi gain strides in ICT with such political creatures devoid of IT knowledge? Dausi is more of a loud mouth than a street-smart asshole.

    Modern economies thrive on utilization of knowledge and the question is: In DPP, is there any reservoir of knowledge that can champion Malawi’s potential high-tech boom? NOPE.

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