Mutharika denies promising to rule for one term

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has dismissed claims that he promised to lead Malawi for only one term.

Speaking during a whistle-stop tour yesterday, Mutharika   said he has never told Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator Noel Masangwi that he will only be president for five years.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: I did not promise to lead Malawi for one term.

He then insisted that he will rule Malawi for 10 years since he will contest again in 2019.

Masangwi who is a member of the Chilima Movement has been claiming that Mutharika told him that he was not interested in being president for 10 years.

During the rally yesterday, Mutharika also warned members of the Chilima Movement that they should avoid insulting him or he may be forced to take action.

At a press conference on Thursday, legislator Patricia Kaliati described Mutharika as a fool for launching a project that was already launched by his predecessor.

In response, Mutharika said insulting the president is against the law.

“I watched their press conference they were insulting me. Section 4 of the constitution says a person should not insult the flag or president.

“So I am warning them that they should not push me too far, there is a limit,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader then told the Chilima camp that he will defeat them at the DPP convention.



  1. Amutharika,ndinu munthu wa ulemu wake koma izi mwayambazi, kutha kwanu ndikuthanso kwa DPP, ngakhale ku convention mukawine koma pa 2019 general election chanu kulibe,I repeat chanu kulibe, panopa dzanja lalemba kale pakhoma koma simukuthabe kuwerenga kapena kuitana awerengi akuwerengereni.
    Maganizo anga, ngati mukufuna anthu ndi maiko kuti akupatseni ulemu ndi ma award sure mungophika dziko kuti sindiimanso,no convention and Chilima take over now.Sitingaphunzire ndale za ku South Africa iyayi zomwe president amapereka mpando kwa torchbearer wawo one year before general election.Muchitepo kanthu

  2. I personally think Mutharika is entitled to stand again as the law allows him. The issue is whether Malawians are ready for change and take charge, we should avoid politics of character assassination and start focusing on policy approach. As citizens of the country we have an obligation to impact discipline in our leaders other than cheering them even when they are mismanaging the country
    Let Mutharika participate and let free and fair elections occur.
    God bless mother Malawi

  3. Even if he did not promise to rule for one term only ( which he very likely did!!) it is time he left the driving seat to others as so far he has taken Malawi into the wilderness with no hope of recovery at all. He and his supporters are only interested in their pockets and not Malawi’s welfare. The Mchachas, Nankhumwas, Ben Phiris, Chapondas, Goodall Gondwes and all other Peter’s close associates are worried of regime change because it would mean the end to their stealing of government resources. But the the truth is that change will surely come and no one will be able to stop it!!!!!!

  4. Peter Mutharika has no memory at all. Today he may say something and a few months later he contradicts himself, having forgotten what he had earlier said. It is clear that he had said he will rule for one term only but after tasting power he changed his mind. He is the same person who had been preaching about corruption, promised to trim the president’s powers, promised to have an independent ACB and made ( and still makes) many more promises which he has not kept. Reigns of power and greed have overcome him. I can forsee a disastrous end to this old man’s rule. Bye Petulo.

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