‘You married an idiot,’ Mchacha tells Kaliati

The battle lines in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) keeps getting wider

Regional Governor of the party for the South yesterday described legislator Patricia Kaliati as an idiot for supporting Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Charles Mchacha
Mchacha says Kaliyati married an idiot.

Speaking during a rally which President Peter Mutharika held in Mulanje, Mchacha said Angie is a good man but he married an idiot.

“I have seen Mr Kaliati here, stand up so that people should see you [Kaliati stands up]. Sometimes a person gets married to an idiot,” said Mchacha.

 During the speech, Mchacha also mocked the Chilima movement in the DPP describing it as the Chilima drama group.


He said members of the group, who wants Chilima to replace Mutharika as DPP president, started well by supporting Mutharika but now they are on the wrong path.


Mchacha then assured Mutharika that many Malawians are behind him and they want the president to contest in the 2019 elections because of the development projects which his government is carrying out.


He said Mutharika is their parent and when some people are insulting him, his children get angry.


“All Malawians, especially people in rural areas, are behind you. Day and night, we will work hard to make sure that you should be president until 2024,” Mchacha said.




  1. Do not forget paja Mchacha analemberedwa mayeso a MSCE kodi nkhani imene ija ili pati? Afufuza dwelling basi waziyamba dala.

  2. Its campaign time .they just want to make us stupid like there fighting but not.there all stupid

  3. Angie? How can you allow someone to insult your pillow? By the look of things who is an idiot between you, Mchacha and your wife?

  4. Malawi is in serious problems and will never develop. Instead of fixing chronic blackouts they are busy fighting each other “simuwina chaka cha mawa, mugawana ma voti amenewo, mark my word. Winayo akaganiza zoyima payekha, ng’ombe ziyang’ana ngolo. Ndangodutsamo.

  5. Malawi is really full of idiots…please you mchacha dont call us we’re m’thalika’s childern if your the one…to be mchacha it doesnt mean we’re mchacha olso…stay away or jst sleep

  6. I still can’t comprehend how Angie Kaliati could actually stand when asked to stand so that someone can insult his wife?? It’s shocking. Secondly, Patricia might be an idiot but Mchacha is an updated version of idiotism. Mchacha is wrapped in stupidity and mediocrity. At this age why on earth would we call a president our Father/parent? Why would we think we are his children? This stupid attitude makes us not progress as a nation. A president is elected by the people to lead them and if he can’t perform he should be ripped off the title. You can’t rip off a father the title of being one parent even if there was emancipation, biologically he is still your father. Mutharika is not a parent and Malawians are not his children. If we picture him (or any other leader who will come after him) as parents we will continue to tolerate nonsense and impotence in leadership. We have to wake up people

  7. My country Malawi when we will stop fighting ourselves?,than to shakehands each other to make our country Malawi strong that all party has passed. Remember Dr bakili muluzi time it was better but now nothing just like country is full of idiots. No one encourage pple to future party

  8. There is a problem here, a sitting president is busy campaigning that he must stand for his own party. This time around with barely 11 months to go before the elections, his campaign could have been against the opposition not his own Party. And that so called Chilima Drama Group, I think its right to say that if Muthat ikakhala stands MCP is going to take the Levers of Power.

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