Mutharika is the biggest problem in DPP – Ngalande


President Peter Mutharika has been accused of creating the current crisis in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The part’ys Director of Youth Lewis Ngalande says Mutharika is the biggest problem in the party because he takes advice from confusionists.

Lewis Ngalande

Ngalande: Mutharika has not succeeded in resolving the crisis in the party.

In a letter to Mutharika, Ngalande has advised the president to acknowledge that he has not succeeded in resolving the crisis in the party.

“As a leader Mr President, admit you have failed and the problems have reached a cancerous state but it’s not too late to turn the tables,” says Ngalande in the leter to Mutharika.

He then advised Mutharika to fire some of his advisors.

Ngalande is one of the DPP members supporting Vice President Saulos Chilima to represent the DPP in next year’s elections.

According to Ngalande, there are other DPP members and legislators who pretend to support

Mutharika yet they want him to resign in 2019.
He mentioned former cabinet minister Malison Ndau, Minister of Sports Francis Kasaila and Minister of Community Development Grace Chiumia.

“In case you do not know Mr President, it is not only [Patricia] Kaliati, [Allan] Ngumuya, Winiko [Bon Kalindo], [Noel] Masangwi and [Lewis] Ngalande who are championing for Chilima’s presidency. There are people like Francis Kasaila, [Grace] Obama Chiumia, Aaron Sangala, Peter Kumpalume and Marison Ndau who you think are with you but they are in Chilima’s camp,” Ngalande says in the letter.

Ndau told the local media that he is indeed supporting Chilima while Sangala denied Ngalande’s claims.



  1. Really I swear things r going down with muthalika and his DPP we r in big trouble since DPP was starting but we can say nothing coz we don’t have any opinions but we still crying our own country

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