Pro-Chilima MPs will not endorse Mutharika – Kaliati

Malawi Patricia Kaliati

Member of Parliament (MP) for Mulanje West Patricia Kaliati says legislators who have publicly expressed support for Vice President Saulos Chiilima cannot be forced to endorse President Peter Mutharika as Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate for next year’s elections.

Kaliati, Member of Parliament for Mulanje South Bon Kalindo and Blantyre City East MP Noel Masangwi are some of the DPP MPs who want Mutharika to resign after his first term to pave way for Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Malawi Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: We can not be forced to endorse Mutharika.

The three have already endorsed Chilima as the party’s torchbearer in next year’s elections.
According to Kaliati, they were called to Sanjika Palace where they were told to endorse Mutharika but they refused.

Reports show that Kaliati, Masangwi and Kalindo met former Mutharika aide Ben Phiri, Paramount Chief Ngongoliwa and legislator Leston Mulli at Sanjika Palace where the pro-Chilima MPs were told to endorse Mutharika.

There were reports that the three MPs agreed to endorse Mutharika, something Kaliati has dismissed.

“We didn’t agree to whatever people are talking about. I think it’s just propaganda,” said Kaliati in a recorded message shared on WhatsApp.

She further said that during the meeting they were told to conduct a press briefing to denounce Chilima and endorse Mutharika but the three legislators refused.

“We said we cannot do that, if you want to kill us, kill us here but we cannot do that,” said Kaliati.

“Were very strong as if were not at State House.”



  1. Kulumana kaya osalumana Malawi Congress Party will take over in 2019. …political Hygien imene yasowa kwanthawi yayitali is coming back to rise again by Dr Lazaraus Chakwera…

  2. Nah nah,we are tired of this gvt.Even Mr APM himself knows that we are tired of his gvt.We new blood here

  3. Mukayamba kulumana MCP ndie ikulanda basi”’!!!!

  4. Agulugunyinda ndi ng’ona akuopa akawina chilima angazakhale mmadzi! Koma. Abale africa, mpaka afike pa komuledi mugabe?

  5. It’s time our politics shud mature. Why forcing others to have other’s views?? Let the men being agitated for go to the NEC elections and let members (real) elect who they want to represent them on elections next year. Sizomawopsezanazo ai. ndizachikale, zachitsamunda. sizingagwile masiku alerowa.

  6. We need new blood in Malawi plz don’t compare Mandela and Munthalika, this madala has failed Malawians

  7. Good this MP holds true to her word,

    Have not heard if Chilima has even expressed desire to run for the presidency at the next convention.

    All potential leaders do canvas delegates or a grassroots base such as what is happening encourages him.

    The president should call an immediate convention before those wishing his departure are organised.

    Leaders do not always know when it is best to step down in Africa

    It is not the endorsement of MP’s one needs but the majority of Delegates from each district and region.

    Those same delegates should be endorsing the MP’s first. Remember the DPP is a party of its membership,

    Not some Presidents private party

  8. My friend Ngumuya changed tune! He was like muyemebe bwana I am not party to what people are saying. Oh! Yes.

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