Parliament passes Control of Goods bill


Parliament yesterday passed the Control of Goods bill which gives power to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism to consult before banning goods from being imported or exported.

Speaking to reporters after the bill was passed, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Henry Mussa said the new legislation will give powers to the minister to be fully aware of goods being imported and exported in the country.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Henry Mussa.

Mussa added that the bill will as well enable companies to know which goods are needed to be produced in the country.

“We will be able to engage with different partners before banning or restricting goods in and outside the country unlike in the past when we just banned farm produce like we did with maize due to weather crisis regarding that it may increase food shortage,” he said.

Mussa further said with the new bill there is no way the minister will just wake up and ban goods without proper structures or processes.

The minister added that the law will also help to improve quality of products before exporting them to other countries.

Commenting on the new legislation, Member of Parliament for Mangochi Monkey Bay South East Ralph Jooma said the new law will boost the countrys economy.

On Tuesday, Members of Parliament also passed a bill authorizing government to borrow K54.3 billon from International Development Association for the Digital Foundation Project which will improve sustainable development and creation of job opportunities and is for.



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