DPP youth chides Ngalande

Vuwa Kaunda

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regional youth directors on Monday took turns in condemning DPP National Youth Director Louis Ngalande whom they accused of lying.

The youth directors said Ngalnde lied by claiming that he was representing the party’s youths when declaring his support for Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Vuwa Kaunda
Vuwa Kaunda during a news conference in Lilongwe.

Led by DPP National Deputy Youth Director Mussa Dyton and Presidential Advisor on Unity and Parliamentary Affairs Vuwa Kaunda, the youths hurled the scathing remarks at Ngalande during a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Lilongwe.

Ngalande is one of the few senior DPP officials who swiftly endorsed Callista’s open support for Chilima. He claimed that there are many disgruntled members in the party who are not happy with “beasts of prey” surrounding President Peter Mutharika.

But speaking at the press conference, Kaunda insisted that Ngalande was expressing his personal opinion.

In his remarks, Dyton said Ngalande should apologize to the party for his lies which are divisive and unacceptable.

All the DPP regional youth directors were present at the press conference.

They are Steven Bamusi from Eastern Region, Kelvin Chirambo from Northern Region, Yona Mlotha from Southern Region and Rajab Malimba from Central Region.

Calista, widow of former Head of State Bingu wa Mutharika, sparked nationwide controversy when she declared that President Peter Mutharika, who is her in-law, is old and not fit to rule beyond 2019.

She said his deputy, Chilima is the only hope for Malawi and she would personally force him to be DPP’s torchbearer in 2019 elections.

With Ngalande and DPP Mulanje South Parliamentarian Bon Kalindo promptly backing her, there arose fears that the ruling party is heavily split.

However, DPP top brass have repeatedly and vehemently denied allegations that the party is embroiled in divisions.

Of late, Allan Ngumuya, a DPP Legislator from Blantyre and the party’s Deputy Governor for the Northern Region Governor Afiki Mbewe have also declared their support for Chilima.

Chilima has remained silent from the time Calista first declared her support for him.



  1. A Vuwa Kaunda’s ndi nyamata kodi. Koma unyamata ndi ofunika zedi. How do you classify youths. Please school me.

  2. A Vuwa Kaunda’s ndi nyamata kodi. Koma unyamata ndi ofunika zedi. How do you classify youths.

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