Callista’s stance shows patriotism

Former first lady of Malawi Callista Mutharika’s stance that Vice President Saulos Chilima should be Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) torchbearer in 2019 shows that she thinks about what is best for Malawi.

Her advice to the party founded by her late husband Bingu wa Mutharika, shows patriotism from the former first lady.

Callista Mutharika

In her opinion, DPP needs someone else not her brother in law president Peter Mutharika for the 2019 political race if Malawi is to develop.

Callista pointed at the youthful leader who is the vice president Saulos Chilima that he can be a better successor to Mutharika ahead of the tripartite elections next year.

She disclosed that the reason of Chilima’s choice will be known later and not now.

That answer should give us a question mark, why not now? Perhaps that links to why Chilima denied disclosing his future in politics.

During a special report aired on Zodiak recently, Chilima denied to disclose whether he will continue as Mutharika’s deputy.

“Mulungu yemwe anatifikisa pano ndiyemwe atilozele komwe tilowele (God who helped us to reach this far is to direct us on what to do next)” said Chilima.

Commenting on Chilima’s sentiments, one of the journalist Idrissa Nassah said the vice president might have been experiencing political whirlwind within DPP because of  leadership style that is different from what he knows best, the leadership of ‘Yes bwana’ (yes boss) to the leaders who are elected  to serve and not the other way round.

But why has Callista picked Chilima for the presidency? And why did the Afrobameter report disclose that Malawians were likely to vote for the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and not the current party in power?

It could be due to mistrust in the government led by Mutharika.

The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Nkhoma Synod observed in its pastoral letter on Sunday that Malawi has bad leadership.

“We have observed that Malawi is lacking selfless political leaders who have the interests of people at heart. Leadership is a calling to serve others.

“It is, therefore, unethical for leaders to serve their personal interests or the interests of their ethnic groups, or political followers. We note with regret that the current leaders have put their personal interests and the interests of their political cronies above national interests,” reads part of the pastoral dated 8th April.

An analysis on Mutharika government shows that CCAP Nkhoma pastoral letter has a correct observation on the leadership.

Malawi has unethical leaders who syphon Council funds for party event Blue Night, intend to share ‘mysterious’ K4 billion among themselves or get involved in dubious maize deals.

This is the leadership that is in power today led by Mutharika and surrounded by recycled politicians who serve their interest first.

These are politicians, who have failed Malawians for the past years. One example is Brown Mpinganjira who recently joining in the name of working together with ruling party.

Few weeks after joining DPP, Mutharika honored Mpinganjira with a position of chairmanship of Board members at Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM).

Mkhutche: DPP must not ignore Callista.

Perhaps Callista’s choice could be better among recycled politicians that have surrounded Mutharika if the president does not mind retiring due to old age.

Political expert Wonderful Mkhutche over the weekend advised DPP not to ignore Callista if the party to make it in 2019 elections.

Mkhutche urged DPP to consider the youthful leader Chilima, fresh blood in Malawi politic so that citizens can have taste of youthful leadership and not of the old gurus that might have joined DPP to steal public funds.
















  1. Chinyenga mbeta ndiwe galu… the VP has nothing to do with this, people are just fadeup with Mutharika

  2. What do you by saying that DPP must not ignore Callista? Callista and Arthur are inlaws. It could be better if she talked to Arthur not via public means. What type mulamu can do that? Rubbish. Arthur must deal with accordingly. She is being used by VP thus why VP remains silent. VP is forgetting that silent is also a form of talking. Watch out.

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