Fresh hunt on Bushiri launched in RSA


Flamboyant Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who had to get courts in South Africa to protect him from impending mass anger has new battles to fight. The Police in the country are now digging around him.

According to a South African paper, Sunday World, Shepherd Bushiri is being suspected of externalising R15 million (over K920 million) a month from the Rainbow nation to Malawi.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

SA police are investigating Bushiri .

The money is alleged to be leaving in vehicles including his private jet.

Spokesman for the police unit investigating Bushiri called Hawks, Hangwani Mulaudzi has been quoted as confirming that the Hawks have been investigating Bushiri.

According to the paper’s police source, a number of witnesses in the church’s leadership have come forward with information that money gets “cleaned illegally” into various businesses in Malawi.

They also claimed that Bushiri orchestrates carefully planned false miracles as part of his services, while his collaborators are now apparently demanding to be paid more for playing their part in his alleged duping of the faithful.

Bushiri has faced criticism for allegedly encouraging the poor to hand over their savings and even sell their belongings in exchange for miracles.

Last month, a group of Christians who gathered to march against rogue churches in Johannesburg were forced to withdraw placards criticising Shepherd Bushiri due to a high court interdict prohibiting them from defaming the controversial prophet.




  1. A child of God will never be deceived,if Bushiri is a problem to south Africa nation, they must wake up. The problem is, they believe in easy way of getting things (miracles) . Bushiri is trying to teach them.I go to his church but i don’t pay anything. Why? coz am a child of God.

  2. When is Conman Bushiri going to apologise for all his lies and deceptions. Are Bushiri’s claims to be a University Chancellor, have an Agricultural University in S Sudan, to be the President of a $100 Billion AFRICCI fund just lies and scams from the Papa of Lies ? Can Bushiri ever speak the truth. Bushiri must be constantly be monitorred by the Hawks. Is Bushiri the greatest Liar in Africa ?

  3. I hate this prophet with all my heart my mother is loading her hard earned money in to his pocket then he transfers the money to his lovely country this is no different than brain draining

  4. All these preachers who call themselves prophets are nothing but money launderers with the politicians blessings. Sheperd Bushiri – so called “prophet” is no less – a conman and a thief.

  5. Why is it always that when people have wrongful intentions they always look to South Africa as a destination to doing them. Is it because our laws are slack and people can easily get away or is it the ‘gravy train’ that one can easily ride.

    If you did this in certain countries you would be asked to just pack and go. No state supports such misdemeanors. Haleluyah. Evil always catches up neeh????????

  6. Is Bushiri the greatest LIAR and CONMAN in AFRICA or in the world ? What did he do with the $100 Billion AFRICCI Fund. Is Bushiri still the Chancellor of a University ? Where exactly is the Shepherd Bushiri AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY in S SUDAN. Are any of these lies and scams seriously real ? When is Bushiri going to stop telling lies and start being serious about life ? Isnt it time he grew u and became a man and stop indulging in teenage fantasies about imaginary wealth and power ?