Standard Bank conducts 2nd draw of “Pa Mawa” Savings promo


…rewards 18 customers for savings

Standard Bank has rewarded 18 customers across the three regions for saving in the month of February in the on-going promotion dubbed   ‘Pa Mawa’ that aims to encourage a saving culture amongst Malawians.

Mughogho Speaking during the draw.

Launched in January 2018 the promotion  presents  customers the chance to start financial high by in which customers will win back as much  as  K5  million  in  prizes  for  saving  a  minimum  of  K50,000  or  more  in  their  accounts.

Speaking during the draw at Standard Bank Head Office in Lilongwe, Bank’s Head of Personal Markets and Products Charity Mughogho said the bank is overwhelmed with the response from customers since the launch of the promotion.

“During the first draw we had over 11,000 customers who participated and in this draw over12000 so far have qualified for the draw. It is our desire as Standard bank to see a lot of Malawians embrace savings as a personal discipline as this is one sure way of empowering our customers to create personal wealth in order to contribute to the economy,” said Mughogho.

Mughogho said the bank has introduced different tailored product and service that responses to needs of customers and provide convenience

“Customers are at the center of why we exist as a bank and Standard Bank is proud to promote savings as personal savings discipline for our customers. Standard bank will continue bringing tailor-made banking solutions through our internet and E-commerce payments,” said Mughogho.

During the second draw the bank rewarded 18 customers with cash amounting to over K1 Million for saving a minimum of K50, 000 in the month of February.

The  bank  will  give  out  over  K5  million  in  cash  prizes  to  lucky  customers  during  the promotion with two people carting home K1 million each as grand prize.

To enter the Pamawa Promotion, all customers need to do is to keep K50, 000 for a month as one entry.

The grand prize of  K 1 million  second prize  K500,000,  third prize  K250,000  for three personal banking  customers  and  another  grand  prize  of  K1  million  second  prize  K500,000,  third  prize K250,000 for three   enterprise banking customers.

Monthly  regional  top  prize  of  100,000  for  3  customers  (one  from  north,  center,  south)  and  a second  regional  monthly  prize  of  50,000  for  15  customers  (5    from  north,  5  center,  5  south prizes. The promotion will run for a period of 3 months ending 3rd April, 2018.