Fake bank notes hit Phalombe


Fake Mk2000 bank notes are circulating in the markets of Phalombe district and Police have warned people to be on the lookout.

According to reports, people who are counterfeiting these notes are buying cheaper items in small quantities in different shops in order to dispose of the fake notes and get genuine bank notes.

A young mandasi seller told this publication that on Monday evening he was given a Mk2000 note by a stranger to buy pork meat worth Mk300 and after buying he gave the change to him.

Surprisingly, when the kid returned Mk1700 change, the man gave him another Mk2000 note to buy another meat worth also Mk300 but he was denied at the butchery as the seller had realised that the note was lighter than other notes.

When asked to comment on the matter, Phalombe Police Public Relations officer Innocent Moses admitted that the police are aware of the issue.

“We know about this issue. Our office has received about four complaints from different individuals,” said Moses.

He added by revealing that such cases become rampant during the tobacco growing season in the district.

Meanwhile, the police say they will conduct intensive awareness campaign in conjunction with bank officials to tell people how they can recognize a fake bank note.