Poly to choose new name next week

University of Malawi

Following the delinking of some constituent colleges from University of Malawi (UNIMA), the Polytechnic management has organized a stakeholders meeting to choose a new name for the institution.

According to Malawi Polytechnic principal professor Grant Kululanga, the college has suggested four names of which one is to become the new university’s name after the stakeholders meeting which has been scheduled for Monday.

University of Malawi
Polytechnic to choose a new name for the institution.

“As you are aware, the Polytechnic will be delinked from the University of Malawi and become a new public university. One of the issues that is critical is the name of the university.

“We would like to hold a stakeholder consultation meeting on Monday, 12th March at the Polytechnic boardroom from 9:00am,” said Kululanga in a letter to Polytechnic Alumni.

The institution has come up with four names which are Malawi International University, Chichiri University, Chichiri University of Malawi and Malawi State University.
In a related development, the College of Medicine last week came up with a competition that gave members of staff and students an opportunity to propose a new name of the institution.

According to college principal, Orama Lipenga, in the competition which ran from 2nd to 6th March, a student or member of staff whose proposed name will be named the best will be awarded K100, 000.

The Council of the University of Malawi in exercise of powers as provided in section 10 of the University of Malawi Act last year resolved that the College of Medicine, Kamuzu College of Nursing and The Polytechnic be delinked from the UNIMA.

The resolution was later endorsed by the Chancellor of UNIMA, President Peter Mutharika.



  1. All these names are useless and don’t represent where the institution is located. Better names are Blantyre Poytechnic university, Blantyre Technological University, Blantyre Public university, Malawi Technical university, and Malawi university of Business and Technology

  2. University of Blantyre sounds good to me… all these names do sound cool.

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