Chief Lundu wants Goal Malawi out of his area


Paramount Chief Lundu has launched an attack on a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) saying it does not respect chiefs and he does not want it working in his area.

President Peter Mutharika on Sunday was at Nchalo trading center in Chikwawa where he had a developmental rally.

Paramount Chief Lundu

Among the speakers was Paramount Chief Lundu who used his speech as an opportunity to slate Goal Malawi, a NGO which distributes food and is implementing various activities in Chikwawa.

Lundu told Mutharika that Goal Malawi workers are rude and biased in conducting the organisation’s operations.

“Mr President, here in the lower shire we have been experiencing a dry spell and we don’t expect people to harvest enough since there is no rain, and we are looking from government to help with some food.

“But there is an organization called Goal Malawi. This is a biased and corrupt organization. It is stupid and we don’t want them to work here this time,” he said.

The traditional leader also claimed that the organization forgets that “it is only working for government.”

During his speech, Mutharika said he will look into the issue.

Goal Malawi is a non-profit organization that delivers food to people affected by hunger and natural disasters.

It also supports a cash transfer programme that allows people affected by hunger to buy food.

The organisation has been implementing programmes in Nsanje, Balaka and Chikwawa for several years.



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