Police cleared on Luanar student death


A Preliminary report by the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has cleared the police of brutality over the death of a Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) student.

According to the report, the student Prince Kamwaza died of natural causes and not because he was assaulted by the police.

Late Prince Chimwaza.

MHRC Executive Secretary David Nungu disclosed that the findings show no evidence of police brutality against the student.

“We have not established any evidence against the Police for any assault to the student,” said Nungu.

But relations to the deceased have trashed the findings and have claimed that Prince died due to the brutality by the police.

Weeks ago students at Luanar staged protests persistent power cuts in the country saying the development was affecting their studies.

The protests ended in ugly scenes as students broke property belonging to the college.

The situation forced management to involve the police to bring order at the school. However, reports revealed the police were beating the students and some got arrested including Prince who was a first year student.

Prince died at Kamuzu Central Hospital after he was admitted when he was released from the police custody.




  1. No one even those who kill the innocent souls will escape death…nthawi idzakwana u’ll be answerable for all these innocent souls ur taking so yeah continue and kill more!

  2. Akunyemerani apolisiwo eti? Put yourself in Prince’s relatives shoes… M’bale wanu wangotuluka ku ndende, adimmited then kumwalira. Mungaganize bwanji?. Ngati payenda chinyengo apa, you will see whats coming for you!!!!!

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