2018 forecast: political chaos expected


A local political expert has warned of chaos in Malawi politics ahead of 2019 general elections in the country.

The expert George Phiri told the local press that “unstable” politics is to cause chaos in Malawian politics.

Professor George Kanyama Phiri
Professor George Kanyama Phiri: Unstable politics is to cause chaos.

Phiri noted that in the year 2017, interparty conflicts and political party alliances caused instabilities among many political parties in Malawi.

He then urged political parties to be “tolerant” to avoid chaotic incidents in the country.

Among the parties that had political shakeups include Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as some members expressed discomfort with the leadership of Lazarus Chakwera.

United Democratic Front (UDF) also sailed on challenges due to its decision to tie a political knot with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).



  1. Forecast, precise. Particularly in most parts of central region. MCP would want to protect their sovereignty and DPP would want to perambulate into. The lower Shire will embrace that as well. Sporadic skirmishes in the north Jappie Mhango and Kamlepo Kalua. The road to 2019 will be boring and repugnant.

  2. Mwayamba kale kunjenjemela??? Kkkkkkk why depicting DPP party on the picture?
    Quite sure DPP is the only mighty party to watch come next general election!
    Keep on campaigning for us!

    1. Mkulu dziwani kut mulungu sangalore kut amalawi azuzidweso kwa zaka zina 5 zathela pamwepa kwakhala ndi kumpulo wa bata

    2. Mmmm inu inu, the very GOD knows where Malawi was and where it is now.we’ve been a begging nation, ranging from budget to almost every thing that was meant to run this state.
      Currently the situation is different, we are no longer begging food, we have a stable economic, we have enough fuel reserve, forex reserve intact, miseu tikulima apa, kodi olo atati munthuyo akuba guys penapake uzimu mudzikhala nao!
      Kusankha ndi kwanu kuti mudzinva kuwawa but just know that mulungu samanva penphelo la minyozo ndi kaduka ayi and believe you me come 2019 DPP is in again.

  3. Adzayambitse zipolowe ndi pitala chifukwa Ali ndi mantha kwambiri. What pitala must know is that u president so ufumu ngati Wa ngongoliwa ayi. Ndale ndi mpikitsano the best

    1. What is wrong with Mr Chakwera kuti muziwatukwana I thought he is a Malawian just like you so-called President??…How can u feel to hear someone insulting Peter Muthalika if u love him?? Ndimaona ngati kuyambitsa ziwawa sikungapose kulemba pa social media zonyoza mtsogoleri wa wachipani cha amzanutu

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