Kamlepo dismisses DPP-PP Alliance


He might have absented himself in voting over the Electoral Reforms but that did not mean that he was doing it to serve the interests of the alliance of his party and that of the ruling party.

Rumphi East Parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua has kicked out the claimed alliance between the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and People’s Party (PP).


Kalua has dismissed the claims.

Strong speculations are indicating that the former ruling PP plans to work together with the current ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ahead of the 2019 tripartite elections .

Reacting to the sentiments and what the media have been reporting on the matter, Kalua has rubbished the claims saying that him being the leader of the party in the northern region is not aware of such an alliance.


Writing on his official Facebook page, Kalua said that the PP in the north is not part of the alliance .

“As the President of PP in the northern region , we are not part of any alliance with DPP as reported by Nyasatimes article quoting honorable Uladi Mussa,” He said.

Uladi Mussa

Mussa: We are not part of the alliance.

Commenting on why he was not part of the august house when Members of Parliament (MPs) were deliberating the 50+1 bill , Kalua said that he went to attend his young brothers funeral .

The  claimed alliance between DPP and PP has dissected PP MPs whereby others are supporting while others are against the plan.

During the just ended parliamentary sitting some PP MPs were showing strong stance in shooting down some of the Electoral Reforms Bills in the august house.

Recently , PP chief whip in parliament Ralph Jooma resigned his post in what commentators speculate is his first steps towards working with the ruling DPP.




  1. Tinataya chikhulupiliro mwa kalua ife anthu a mdera lake pokha pongogwirizana ndi dpp sizinayende chomwe tudikira mchoti atimalizirense chipani ngati mmene anatafunira udf.Kamlepo mwina azinama zina

  2. Mlembi mmesa ndiwe yemwe unati Kamlepo amakumana ndi a president ndicholinga choti jb asamangidwe akamabwera, ,, ndiye izi walembazi zikusonyeza kuti ndiwe wabodza, ,,, Kamlepo nditambwari

  3. aaa he z just telling lies…. We all know that there is a clandestine move between PP and DPP…To hell with your lies Kamlepo… We have lost hope in you and PP

    • Day aftr day den wik aftr wik stil in blak out prblems,cash get scandals ,thefting&coruption,so pp&dpp hav bad hstory .

    • Mbava zapanga umodz do u think dat malaw can develop?ulamurilo uli mmanja mwa asatana tiyen amalaw tiwusinthe ulamulir

    • Kod nkhaza zimene akucitaz ndi ulamuliro wawo oipawu komaso umbava umenewu ndi amalawidi amenewa apa sakukonda anthu awo

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