Wikise aims at Prophets in Shabarakatakali

Budding musician Wikise Chawinga has gone as far as mimicking prophets who subscribe to Pentecostal way of delivering church sermons in his latest song titled Shabarakatakali.

The Lilongwe based artist marries comedy to music, a creativity bit which has marketed the song further. As people listen to find answers to many questions, they find themselves laughing out loud.

Wikise(left) with one of the characters in Shabarakatakali video.

Shabarakatakali is a word that has been introduced by the artist under the motivation of tongue languages used by some preachers. In the context of his song, it refers to divine intervention.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Monday, Chawinga said his goal is to entertain the audience, thus producing a song of that nature.

“I want to entertain the audience that’s why I produced such a song. The comic element is mainly aimed at satisfying people’s entertainment pleasures,” he said.

The song which is available in both audio and video, has also won media houses’ hearts as they frequently air it. It has been described by many as a funny song.

The track is all about seeking divine intervention when ungodly situations show up. The artist says Shabarakatakali is needed to solve such situations.

However, the work goes as far as mocking fake preachers who hide behind the call for divine intervention to make some demands that are outside church. This is done implicitly thereby giving listeners an assignment to dig deeper for the meaning.

The video shows the main character who happens to be Chawinga, delivering a sermon to the congregation as a preacher. He puts himself in a judging position by accusing some congregants of committing sins and deciding the course of action. Shots of the video are trending on social media and they have proved to be amusing.






    1. ???? nane ndaona choncho ndithu kkkkk nanga AZIBAMBO NONSE OGULIRA NYUMBA SIDE CHICK INU NDIKUMAKHALA PA LENT MUMUZIWE JESUS,MUKUFUNIKA SHABARAKATAKALI basi sizikupele meaning ndithu? kkkk chippeta ukufunika shabarakatakali before the end of this year other wise upenga lol

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