Staff at Nkula power plant down tools


Mota Engil employees who are doing rehabilitation works at Nkula A Hydropower Plant have gone on strike demanding salary increment from their bosses.

According to reports, a meeting between representatives of the workers, Mota Engil management and labour officers took place to end the matter but to no avail.

Malawi electricity
Gwaza: The strike has not affected power generation.

One worker who asked for anonymity said the employees will not back down until their demands are met claiming they have been complaining for a long time.

However, the Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) has said that the strike will not in any way have an impact on power generation in the country.

EGENCO public relations officer Moses Gwaza told Malawi24 that people should not worry since the strike will not worsen the electricity situation in the country.

“The strike has not affected power generation in the country in any way. As you are aware Nkula A was taken out of the grid to pave way for the rehabilitation, modernisation and upgrading under the MCC compact.

“So the strike is for the guys working on this, so no effect on power generation and there will be no impact on the current electricity situation,” said Gwaza.



  1. Downing tools is not a nyc solution ,why dont the workers and employers come to a round table discussion ,and reach a consensus to map the way forward ,hiking their renumeration package.

  2. Eish very difficult issue these people are so clever they have just counted it and they know what ever they can say, they are going to be considered an underground & motivated planning, I indicated a 100% for them

  3. Mota Inali Kale Man, Zinatsara Ndizilango Basi, For Everybody Who Worked At Nacala Corridor Project At Camps Like Mwanza 3.1 And 3.2 At Zalewa Can Agree With Me Ngati Sitimazunzika Ndichifukwa Cha Vale Mwiniwake, Koma Apwitikizi Guys, Amagwiritsa Ntchito Mwankhanza Komanso Dollar Yake Mbola, Kuteleko Sawawonjezera Mpaka Awauza Kuti The Door Is Open U Cn Go.!

  4. I want to said close your all powerplant and take out wire from street and take out your poll from street and transformer also takeout we malawi dont want electricity 24 hour blackout batter then u come in press and tell him malawi will blackout forevre

  5. pangan mmene mufunira kma ngt siinu kma ndi ana anu angazamveso kuwawa mmene tikumvera ifemu inu mukazasiya ntchitoyo mbuzi za anthu

  6. Amalawi nkhani ili apa siyandale koma akumanga plant yatsopano yamagetse ndi mabwana awo a mota ndiwo akuyenera kukambira nsanga kuti nthawi yomwe inayenera kuntha akhale atamaliza,osati mafumu,boma ayi

  7. Tikapanga magesi anthu ku midziku wina umunva nyonyoyo ine wa mera nyonyonyo chilorezo mwachitenga kuti nyonyo certificate nyonyonyo mpaka ku police nyooo


    So even if you hear are downing tools,may be the next assumption would be power on since who’s gona switch off!
    My thought!!!

  9. As the drama continues someone to school me here these guys they are working giving us blackouts now they have down their tools should we expect the end of blackouts?

  10. Give them what they want and see if the problem will be solved but if the problem will still persist then fire every one and bring in onother team

  11. hypocrisy since there is a total black out but u ask gvt to increase ur salary u must b joking people and even if I ask du u work in ur position there? and where is electricity?

  12. Yes I agree with you. It will not change anything. You are not generating electricity, and we are staying in dark ages, nothing will change even if they can stay for 20 years downing their tools.

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