Don’t take peace for granted – APM tells Malawians

President Peter Mutharika during the launch.

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika on Wednesday at the commemoration of the International Day of Peace and the launch of the National Peace Policy urged Malawians not to take peace for granted.

The commemoration which was under the theme ‘Together for peace; respect, safety and dignity for all’ was held at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

Delivering his speech before the launch, President Mutharika said the two events demonstrate that government and the people of Malawi value peace.

He said the rest of the world commemorated the day on 21st September but it was symbolic for Malawi that it must also launch the National Peace Policy on the same day.

Mutharika said by unveiling the National Peace Policy, it meant satisfying the aspirations of Malawians who are peace-loving people and also conforming to the various conventions, treaties, charters and protocols agreed upon at various regional, continental and global levels.

The president continued by warning those that take peace for granted and are fond of provoking one another in the society, in politics and in the media claiming peace did not come accidentally.

“Today, we are joining the rest of the world of peace lovers. The world knows that Malawi is an envoy of peace so let us be proud that we are ambassadors of peace and hence launching our policy at a timely moment when Africa is taking serious measures to safeguard peace.

“We should never forget that we are a peace loving people. We should remember that the war in Rwanda started because of a radio station. As we say, it is a small matchstick that ignites a great forest. Let us all take the responsibility of safeguarding peace. We value peace and that is why Malawi has been at peace for all these years. It is symbolic that we launch the National Peace Policy on this day,” said Mutharika.

He added that it was important to celebrate peace because nothing works where there is no peace and he urged Malawians to cherish peace as it comes next to life itself.

Dignitaries at the function included Leader of Opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and head of Diplomatic Missions Madam Thandiwe Dumbutchena, government officials and chiefs.



  1. Peace?? Peace my foot. Do you call the country with no electricity,a peaceful country. Look at our Health system,Education and our economy. Is this a peaceful country? U (Muthalika) you are the one who should not take us for granted.

  2. Tell your president,he should stop terrorizing people,because he is the one breaking our peace in this country with his team.we are in war already without reasons.Its we who are being fought

  3. you must also ask him that btwn malawians and his Cabinet minsters who take peace for granted? How can he work with thieves and saying nosense that malawians must not take peace for granted. Betwn him and malawians who take peace for granted? This gvt is Insane and idiotic

  4. Thats good words to us, thanks be the first person of bring peace and cousetive of ending the ill treating needy by plant many board whose can take care of these i am excited/happy about peace

  5. Malawi is no longer a peaceful country, its vague to define peace by nothing that we are not at war, thats childish thinking! Peace should be defined by alot of parameters and the definition is subjective depending on where we stand. If you ask Zimbabweans the military intervention that looked as unrest to us is what they call a new chapter towards peace. People here in Malawi are living in darkness everynight and feel insecure in their surroundings, where is peace? people are psychologically tormented thinking about how they will feed their families when they can’t have a customer at their barbershop or saloon , where is their peace of mind here, people are living on horrible minimum wage they can’t manage to buy the ever skyrocketing prices of food, clothing etc…where is peace? I deny to be cheated, the majority of Malawians are not at peace

    1. Anthu ena kuno kwathu ku Malawi amadalira zigayo za magetsi kuti adye ndiye ngati magetsiwo palibe ndiye kuti paliso mtendele pamenepo?

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