Broke Malawian man fakes his death to get money


You could get broke to the extent of making arrangements to steal but a man aged 37 in Lilongwe is serving a jail term for making an outrageous trick.

Mphatso Nkhulambe will be in jail for nine months after he faked his own death so as to get money from his relations.

MangochiThe case at Nkukula Magistrate Court was presented by prosecutor Assistant Superintendent Peter Piringu who said Nkhulambe on 19 October, 2017 called his brother in Machinga on the pretence it was not him (Nkhulambe) who had made the call.

During that call which he made at a telephone bureau at Area 25 in Lilongwe, Nkhulambe told his brother that he had died.

He then asked the relation on the phone to send money so that the people in Lilongwe should use for transport and other logistics for his burial.

It was after this that the family insisted not to send the money but to send family members to Lilongwe to carry the remains of their relation.

They however failed to find the body of their relative and they reported to Kanengo Police Station for assistance where enquiries were made and he was found at Mgona.

He was taken to court to answer a charge of fraud contrary to section 139 A (C) of the penal code.

Piringu brought before court witnesses including Peter’s brother, the owner of the bureau where Peter made the call and an investigator from police.

The court then slapped Nkhulambe with a nine month jail term even though Piringu had asked for a stiffer punishment.

Nkhulambe comes from Kamwendo Village in the area of Traditional Authority Sitola in Machinga district.



  1. Yea munthu apange bwanji nanga? Even me the way i am broke now i am thinking of asking my family to give me the money they will use for my burial i will see what to do when i die lol

  2. But he did not steal anybody’s money….only inconvenienced his relatives with unnecessary travel to Lilongwe from Machinga. This case is surely a waste of court’d time.

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