Chihana’s bodyguards arrested


Two bodyguards of Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) president Enock Chihana who were involved in the beating of two of the party’s senior members have been arrested.

Aford Secretary General Christopher Edward Ritchie
Assaulted: Ritchie

The two on Monday assaulted AFORD Secretary General Christopher Ritchie and Central Region Chairman Nicholas Kamoto outside Byte Lodge in Lilongwe where the party was holding an emergency meeting.

The arrested bodyguards have been identified as Mr Gama who is a Mozambican national and Nathan Ngozi from Rumphi district and they are in custody at Lingadzi Police.

It has been revealed that Gama is serving a suspended sentence in which the magistrate warned that he should not be involved in crime.

According to Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Frank Mwenifumbo who was at the meeting, the bodyguards severely assaulted Ritchie using sjamboks and crowbars.

He said Chihana refused to control the bodyguards and did not condemn the assault.

Mwenifumbo however condemned the violence saying he is not going to allow the party members to shed blood.

“I will not allow this to continue, this is not why late Chakufwa Chihana fought for our democracy, we are to involve the police until justice prevail,” he said.

Mwenifumbo recently expressed interest to contest for the position of president at the AFORD convention and he is likely to face Chihana.

The party is reported to have political shakeups among members over the convention. But Chihana downplayed reports of internal fighting saying the party is intact.


former AFORD Central Region Chairperson Nicholas Kamoto
Nicholas Kamoto: Another victim



  1. But it takes time to arrest DPP thugs. Sounds too offensive but there is a sense of reality. The police needs to act as fast as they have done

  2. Ichi sichipani adzingodzudza nawo wanthu chabe, kodi inu anthu mwasala ndi kutsatira chipanichi mukadalidi ku Malawiko? Aaaaaaaa kkkkkkkkkkiest inu mukufoyira ngati siinu anthu akulu, kodi mukufuna kuudzidwa kuti chipanichi chidatha? Mudziphedwa choncho ngati ndi inu ng’ombe yoti simaganiza zochitika.

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