Mutharika shuns Mnangagwa inauguration

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Malawi President Peter Mutharika was among the SADC leaders that snubbed Zimbabwe new President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration.

Mnangagwa Zimbabwe President
Mnangagwa inaugurated

Mnangagwa was inaugurated today after replacing veteran president Robert Mugabe who ruled Zimbabwe for over 37 years.

At the inauguration which took place in the capital Harare, some SADC leaders attended the ceremony.

Zambia was represented by president Edgar Lungu as well as former Presidents Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda.

The Presidents of Botswana and Mozambique were also in attendance at the event.

Conspicuously missing were SADC head and chair Jacob Zuma of South Africa and Malawi President Peter Mutharika.

While other countries in the region sent high ranking officials to the ceremony like Namibia which sent its vice president, Malawi was only represented by the High Commissioner to Zimbabwe.

President Peter Mutharika was seen as a friend to Robert Mugabe who was forced to resign so that Mnangagwa could take over.



  1. Koma heeee akayenda akuononga ndalama zaboma( misonkho yanthu) akankhala he is shunning koma munthu sungamumvetse alingati chimphwisi chimakupeza uli pamalo osayenera kuti nkuphwisa. Zovuta kumvetsa

  2. Sometimes lets try to be realistic… dont believe in politics, inu nomwe akanati wapita bwenzi mukuti akuononga ndalama za boma, kwenikweni mumafuna chani?

  3. No African leader is real and none would be. This man wass a part of the ongoing regime but because constitution he’s reintate now as the president . Dont be surprise because during the time of election this man will says it’s time for him to contest as president and after succeeding may even rule more years than Mugabe. Remember he has finished 37 years a Vice and now the interim president. If he would be accepted to run for presidency how long would he have been in the presidential position and when will the youth age smell the same position in Zimbabwe. Be wise!

  4. Comrade once said and i caught we are not colonised by british leave us do wat is best for us do not involve yourself in this…strong presedent a man of his u mugabe

  5. I am agree with you Mr President pachifukwa ichi zinakakhala chimodzimodzi kuchosa Kamuzu Banda ndikuika John Ntembo

  6. what ever the case maybe …but done , lets wait and see failure to fulfill we can push him again . we will never tolerate any rubbish #anymoreeeeee!

  7. With the exception of Botswana all the SADC presidents supported Mugabe. Even though he killed and plundered his people and country. They all looked up to Mugabe in awe. Again, except for Botswana no country condemned what was happening in Zimbabwe. The economy in tatters, people’s lives destroyed, corruption, no water and power in cities, opposition party members beaten and murdered. Companies closed their doors and resulted in 92% unemployment. No one had the back bone to say this is wrong. No one stood up for what is right. No one stood up for the PEOPLE of Zimbabwe who were now helpless to get rid of Mugabe. What happened in Zimbabwe is repeating itself in South Africa. The same SADC presidents who stood behind Mugabe are standing behind Zuma. They see the corruption, what is happening in South Africas parliament the errosion of the constitution and Mandela’s legacy but they don’t say or do anything again except for Botswana. By the way Botswana is Africa’s least corrupt country according to a global survey donr in 2016. Zimbabwe was almost at the bottom of the list as most corrupt country world….starts making sense now doesn’t it.

    1. Bravo my bra Seretse Karma is a no nonsense man only president to tell Mugabe to resign long time & late Michael Sata of Zambia the rest they’ve got dictatorship failing to tell old man truth that’s the reason u saw Karma yesterday at Inauguration & he is leaving office next year Karma

  8. Of what use is going to inauguration. This was not an election so i dont think there is a problem with him not going. Further what difference doea it make between him and mugabe, they were together strategising to get the economy of zim to its current state. While am not even happy with what is happening here now but this is not an issue ours was busy laying foundation stone for business centre. Hahahahaha koma abale

  9. Hahaha politics is a dirty game it’s .. Soon the truth will be revealed Mugabe will always be Mugabe ..for 37yrs this boy was in Mugabe pocket hahaha now he want as to believe Mugabe went out without a fight for nothing haha .. Bravo Mugabe well played comrade ..zim wake up ….malawi stand up

  10. Kkkkkkkkk I know why he failed to go ! He got the same story with the fallen Mugabe , Grace Mugabe had a secret “Coup” on Mnangagwa to succeed the party presidency so is our very own Gertrude slowly crawling to this guy’s jacket , believe me

  11. Muli ndi vuto inu. Basi kusapta kumeneko kukhale chifukwa. Bwanji ngati munaona kuti a president sanapiteko inu munatani osapitako mmalo mwa president wo. Nanuso olemba nkhani nkhalani serious polemba nkhani zazelu.

  12. Mnangagwa is not a duly elect leader. He happens to be a beneficiary of a military coup. He is in essence a caretaker leader of Zimbabwe until next elections are held in 2018.

  13. Bodza a president anali ku msokhano ku USA. Its when he attend the ceremony? Mmmmmmmm a Malawi kunama sikudzatha ndi Chifukwa mungosaukirabe Chifukwa chonama basi. DPP ndi boma lokhalo limene latsalilamo osati kumasonkhetsa madzira ku Thyolo at zokadyera ku msonkano wa a president koma iye ali ku Chitipa? Kumadulitsa azimayi woyembekedzera khadi mwana woti sanabadwe. DPP 2019 BOMAAAAAAA!

  14. Willies Bitoni, u re true 100 percent, will never survive in 2018 election. He is more worse than Mugabe himself. Mugabe was killing and torturing people bcoz of him ( Mnangagwa). He’s a most corrupt leader ever, if Mugabe goes down, he’s the first one to follow among the ZANU-PF members. Rumours re going round that, the G40 members of the ZANU-PF led by the former first Lady Grace Mugabe will vote with opposition in 2018. Zimbabweans were afraid too much Mugabe, now bcoz Mugabe is out of the picture, 2018 the old Liberation Party will loose like MCP did in 1994.

  15. Palibe chalepheleka amulumbilitsa kaya anali busy kaya akunyasidwa pano m bale wakeyo ndi former President other leaders must take a lesson zachitika ku Zim

  16. Mutharika and other African leaders,they were happy for $1000 000 that was donated by Gabriel Mogabe the ex president of Zimbabwe to African Union,while Zimbabwean people suffering. Mnangagwa is not gonna donate that kind of money while his people suffering,we believe in Mnangagwa to revive the Zimbabwean economy. Look what happening at Libya,what is SADEC and African union doing about this Slaughtering of black people

  17. our president is not in good relationship with sadc countries and africa as a whole. he has never attend sadc and au meeting even once since he ascended into power, koma un amapita

  18. Kodi iwe amane walemba nkhaniyo unafusa a President chifukwa chemene sanapitile ku Zimbabwe, osamango ulemba zinthu zoti muzimpezela zifukwa munthu ayi tawafusani Kaye ndipamene muzilemba zozungulila mutu zanazo, amenewo ndi asogoleli akuziwa chifukwa chake.

    1. Opusa ndi wa chinyamata amene amalimbikira kudzimva supporting nkhalamba zaku Africa on leadership yet the majority r we the youth. As a result we the youth r the ones who suffer a lot on various issue economically. Unemployment is the major challenge.

  19. He Is Great, Thus Why? He Knws We Have Our Prblms To Solve. If You Are Bleming Him, I Repeat If You Are Bleming Him, You And All Wth Tht Kind Of Thinkig Are Very Stupid

  20. Come 2018, ZANU PF is going to be booted out of power. This i can forsee. Once ZANU PF is gone, that’s when new life for Zimbabweans is going to begin. As for now nothing new really. Same pple in power, same everything.

  21. Kkkkkkk,paja iwo anawalumbitsira kukhoti komanso usiku,pamene awa awalumbitsila ku stadium komanso masana mwina ndichifukwa chake zamubvuta.

  22. Mnangagwa has been a staunch and right hand man of Mugabe for close to 37yrs. He is a cunning politician who is part and parcel of failed Zimbabwe under the tutelage of ZANU-pf. Zimbabwean scholars labeled him as the worst compared to Mugabe. Him and other several ZANUpf officials are master minds of the policies that have seen Zimbabwe fall. He has benefited from looting Zimbabwe just equally like Mugabe and several other ZANU officers. He has been eying the presidency for sometime and a dichotomy of two factions in ZANU emerged-that of Grace and the other of Mnangagwa. Grace’s tactics were less shrewd compared to the experienced Mnangagwa. The two were like playing the game of chess and tactically Mnangagwa has won. There is nothing new with the coming of Mnangagwa, it is the same ZANU-pf without the meticulous Mugabe. It is the Mnangagwas and the Graces who took advantage of the old Mugabe and looted and destroyed her. I personally see nothing to clap hands for Zimbabwe. The crocodile is home and dry to loot even more. Zimbabwe isn’t liberated at all.

  23. Malawi24 what’s wrong with you guys? Hahaha kma Mudziphadi sure! Inu Maiko ambili a mu SADC sanapite ndipo sanatume or Mthumwe I wonder you only see that Muthalika was not there? Hahaha Anali kolandila ma Generator aja mumati safika aja so what?

  24. We believe in doing things our our way. l don’t think APM’s presence at out President’s inauguration was going to add any value to the event.

  25. mind u he is not voted president! !!!! may be anakakhala
    Joyce mujuru because she was on ballot paper not this one.kumazitsata!!!!

  26. Kodi akatuma munthu kuti akamuimirire ndiye kuti iye sadapiteko? President ndi munthu wotanganidwa ndi ntchito za boma tsiku ndi tsiku.

  27. i have a question. Munthu uli ndi mnzako ndipo iyeyo ali ndi nkazi owoneka bwino kwambiri. Mwangozi nzako uja nkudzachita ngozi yapansewu nkumwalira. Kwinaku iwe ndi mlamu wako uja mumamvana bwino koopsya ndipo mumacheza bwino kwambiri. Anthu enanso pena nkumaona ngati ndinu chibwezi! Ndipo nkaziyo ndi wakhalidwe labwino losachititsa manyazi. Vuto nkudzangokhala kuti imfa yabwera. Mokuti olo mutayezetsa magazi akapezeka clear clear. Ine tsopano funso langa nkumati, ” *kodi magesi akuyaka kwanuko*?

  28. How many African leaders come to Malawi during presidential inauguration ceremonies?I think the Admin should have asked himself this question before posting this crap!

  29. Yaaa Because they dont believe what happened and panopa atsogoleri ambiri akhala ochenjera aseguka mmaso Chifukwa palibe olo munthu modzi amayembekeza kuti Mugabe angagwe chagada and I dont know if this countries got Army Uganda, Cameron , Burundi , DRC and Guinea Bissau if they got Army then do the job like Zimbabwe army Paul Kagame he is dictator but Rwanda is doing best now kulibe akuba ambiri mboma

    1. dats bulshit bro, I’m sure u bennesfiting from Mutharika, eyz never been a room for fools, I mighty b stupity but u e worst stupity Pat for enjoying wat Mutharika has done n z still doing

    2. dirty or not , useles or not, I don’t make change on cancer , wen u enjoying wats Happening in Malawi en u r wrong being one.

    3. I’m more learned Nkhala more dan u, U busy checking ma English as I’m busy making money, kikikiki, u’ll reamin asFaceboook educated u claim to b, wake up n smell e cofffe Boy.

    4. the Problem u unEducated pple z u thinking if u surviving with Mutharika’s packages, wen things go well u’ll eat Dust.

    5. Adha awa akuti stupid wa ndi mbuli an intellectual sangayankhule mwachimidzi ngati umu…start giving constructive criticism… Mbuli inu

  30. president was busy with other jobs that will benefit our nation.what will he get if he attended that ceremony.just nothing than spending our taxes.bravo peter.dpp 2019 boma ilio

    1. Fellow ancestor and a friend has been kicked out,how do you expect him to attend the swearing in ceremony of the opponent? Your friends enemy is your enemy. Koma phwaaaaaaa!

    2. He was not invited either even after the problem started his country was not included in the SADC region to solve the Zimbabwe crisis because he did the same as what mgabe wanted to do.

  31. Azitsogoleli ambili kunalibe koma mwaona inu Mutharika basi?even azitsogo a African union or Sadic kunalibe wy not mentioned them?

    1. Zuma sanapite anthu ake sanakambepo kanthu koma MCP kumagotsutsa zilizose bwino nazo muzikambapo zanzelu kuti mwina tingakukondeni

    1. I’m not good be competitive with you the General . Of course very lucky we were born in peaceful country Malawi. And thanks for your job. But if you know the truth let me remind you this:Zimbabwe Defence Force soldiers was very happy with Mugabe in many years but one day things changed. Why??? and Who was expecting this to happen???? No matter beautiful and peaceful country is, but the way you are happy not the same to your close friend. Sorry if my comment makes you unhappy. Thanks

  32. I think it’s sad that America has so much say on ‘What, When, and Were ‘ MUTHARIKA dose
    You need to change, you need a MALAWIAN as your President , not an American puppet.

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