Africa must stop being a ‘beggar of the world’ – Ghana’s president


President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana has said Africa should move beyond Western aid handouts which he said have failed to bring growth and prosperity to the continent. Instead, he has advised countries in Africa to move to an era of mutual respect with Western countries.

“We do not want to remain the beggars of the world, we do not want to be dependent on charity,” he has been quoted as saying by Reuters.

Akufo-Addo: Africans must stop being a beggar

Akufo-Addo, who took office in January, said the mindsets of dependency and donations must be discarded for equality in global relationships.

“We do not want to be pitied,” he said. “We do not want to be pawns or victims.”

He then called for closer trade ties with neighbouring Ivory Coast and across Africa, home to 1.2 billion people and a burgeoning middle class.

Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to win independence from colonial rule 60 years ago, a milestone that paved the way for independence for nations across the continent.

“We are painfully aware we are nowhere near where we should be,” he said in the speech to the Royal African Society.

“After 60 years it is obvious that the aid bus will not take Africa where it has to be.”




  1. Politics in has become boring that a time will come when the youth will reject the idea of voting because why should we all vote and not that after graduation won’t get job and upon all the youth in SHS only 2016:2017 are enjoying free education, does that mean that they are the only people who voted? /parents in villages are crying for they think they are sorry for voting for nothing when second and third year children ask for school fees, others fight with their children because they thought the are trying to cheat the. Is it good for politicians to break the relationship between parents and their children?

  2. Is not possible, Africans hv very deep hatred in there own, killing follows Africa’s, deporting follow African. All Africa’s leaders are very greedy, no one want to live the seat for others, taking Care’s of there families nd there relative’s nd others are there dying, after university know Job, where still far

  3. yes this is true, how can we show that we independent, & sometimes there is no positive impact upon receiving those donation just as an example if a man marries a woman it means he is a self reliant he can manage to feed his family for himself not depending from parents

  4. Problem its not about the donation we received,but,greedy politicians who doesn’t want to be content with what they have…but to take everything in to their pockets.

  5. ghana president must set an example he should first advise the donor community to stop helping ghana. then others should follow later. may be he thinks every citizen in ghana has got all what he has

  6. the secret behind the error is that most leaders are of corrupt practices, they like to develop themselves.each and everyday aid is coming but leaders are busy busting there accounts with this leaving the country poor.zimatheka bwanji munthu olemera kale ndikumakalimbira kuti apikisane nawo pa utsogoleri wa dziko kukatumikira malawi osauka pochoka pampando iwo ndikukapezeka kuti ndi achuma kwabiri dziko lonse ndikumusiya malawi akusaukirabe.ambiri ngakhale upresident panokha mumapeza 80 votes pa regional level kuli kulephera chifukwa chosauka, lero mukumwalira muli a millionare mutaba ndalama za amalawi.andale ambiri ndinu a chaponda.mugwidwa nthawi yanu ikubwera, mulungu sangalekelere izi.

  7. Indeed yes, we cant keep running our countries waiting for european countries to aid us, on the ground we always say we are independent, lets start to be producers and develop our countries and continent afriaca.

  8. These politicians are they speak good things as if they are not stealing God is watching I would like to hear that his country is economically independent other wise these r mere folktales of a toothless grany shame on our leaders

  9. Is a speech of the person who has just resurrected from the dead. On the question of economy, Africa is in a wheelchair, and Europe is pushing it. If Europe stops pushing, the wheelchair will stop moving because Africa doesn’t have arms and legs but only a mouth, which it’s handicapped leaders eat for 24hours.

    1. Unfortunately it won’t happen. The late Gaddafi had fantastic ideas about Africa but his bright ideas destroyed him, and look at Libya now. Africa is not united at all.

  10. Begging is for funding the budget as locally generated resources are used to fund personal needs of leaders and ruling parties!!! Both donors and Africans are STUPID!!! Let Africans and donors RISE to oust these THIEVES!!!

  11. I’ ve heard the relics of this song for long. Now politicians must release the album. I believe even the one who made the speech went begging after his speech.

  12. That speech! He nailed it! Thats what our late president Bingu Wa Muthalika started. And not the pappet we are currently having.

  13. The good news is Africa came a long way the bad news is Africa came the wrong way. I was born not far far away from here,in fact, The first president to have seen was Bakili Muluzi,but then l was not able to follow what was happening at that time until l was mature enough to read extensively about the happenings during his reign.But then afew years later ,l finished school and start my independent life. Now l can proudly say that my parents and my siblings are proud of me, but to my surprise, l hear Malawi got its independence somewhere in 1964, but till now, she can not take care of herself just like l do. So, what type of independence did Malawi get? And what was the purpose of it? I think Malawi did not derseve independence at that time, and l think it could be better if she had Miscarry in the process of fighting for it. By the way, did you know that Malawi was better off than China? Yes! You heard me right, at the time Malawi was gaining its independence Our economy was bether than that of China. But many years later , Malawi withered and reduced to a begger. shame!! Leaders come,enrich themlseves and go but Malawi has a country is still the worst country to have your child in. How do you feel about it? Ngati ife ana tangobadwa kumene pano tikuziimira, mumamva bwanji azitsogoleri kuti tsiku ndi tsiku mudziima pa dzuwa ndikumapempha. Lingakhale dziko loti munthu wangochoka kumene ku school basi kalekale akulota kumamanga ma nyumba,where do you think you will get the money? Just take for instance Lilongwe city, kuchoka pa Biwi kufikira pa Kanengo how many Malawians own real estate? I mean how many Malawians own big companies and make thousands of dollars? You will find that most of people who make millions are indians,chinese and Pankstans.So, how come most of the mansions we see in town today are owned by Malawians? Where do you get the money? We have killed our own Mother Malawi and pretend as if we are not behind the Killing.

    1. in addition to your statement, look at city center the chinese have built there super market and golden peackock hotel plus at the same place shop and rooms. to let. they are making millionz a day in our own land plus they built villa along life changers church in gulliver and they sell the whole campus to simbi 42 upstaired houses how much money can it be just to imagine? I agree. with your point

    2. Yes Malawi got independence and deserves it. But independence brings two important things. 1. Freedom from oppression. 2. Economy to be in the hands of the nation through investment, creating jobs, businesses, agriculture, entrepreneurship, money, money, money, then which brings development and eradication of poverty. Now Malawi got the first one, that’s why you were free to study. It concerns individuals who use their talents well and many in Malawi did that. The second one is a problem in Malawi because it concerns the Government. Individuals in the Government block the funds given to different departments to do its work through corruption, nepotism, blocks skills through jealous, and investors, companies leave the country. Then the money which goes out becomes more than the money coming into the country because you buy more than selling. That’s what happened in Zimbabwe. Malawi is regarded as one of the poorest in the World but is rich in natural resources, rice, maize, tobacco, sugar, tea, fish, rivers for irrigation and dams, beautiful landscapes for tourism, but poor management, poor administration, cause Malawi to go down hill. The country becomes a beggar, hires skilled builders, construction companies, skilled engineers etc from outside. And how many graduates does Malawi has? So economically Malawi is not yet free, is handicapped. That’s why many Malawians go out of the country to look for jobs.

    3. I blame the education systems of malawi,how can a grasshopper lesson takes 40 minutes,what benefit will that bring to the poor malawi?I think Government should emphasize on syllabus that will provoke young ones to think big.

  14. You joking becoz now you start planing looting evry thing then your people end up suffering then what nxt floaking to other country seeking better life.

  15. If you leaders of Africa countries you stop corruptions and greedy on your positions everything will be ok opposition party leaders in Africa they are really hungly for money not to change things sorry my Africa

  16. Its inpossible not to beg. When what is begged is stolen. Leaders have no ideas to create enviornment for creativity. They encourage theft and all flock to stealing. Destroying economic growth.
    Too much time wasted on self-preservation politically. Results in deaths imprisonment and decay.

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