Teenager gets 8 years for stealing in PEA’s office


A court in Mangochi has sentenced Eliyasa Jana, 18, to 8 years imprisonment for stealing items and cash worth K2 million from a Primary Education Advisor’s (PEA) office in the district.

Presenting the facts in court, Mangochi police prosecutor Constable Augustine Kagwira narrated that on the night of September 28, two thieves broke into the PEA’s office at Namisi Teachers Development Centre through the front door and went away with assorted items.

The items included a Yamaha motorcycle, desktop computer, one jerry cane of petrol and two cash boxes containing K250,000 cash for the school development fund, all items worth K2 million.

The criminals were noticed by a watchman as they were running away and Eliyasa was caught by the police who arrived after the guard had called for help. The other thief managed to get away.

The very same night, the Police officers from Katema Police Unit successfully recovered all the stolen items some of which were found with the thief.  While other items were found abandoned at a nearby bush within the school premises.

In court, he pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary and theft but was convicted after four witnesses were paraded by the state.

In his submission before sentence, state prosecutor Constable Kagwira pleaded for a custodial sentence while reminding the court that Eliyasa is a habitual criminal and is currently serving a 6 year jail term for similar offences.

Mangochi second grade magistrate Augustine Mizaya then sentenced the thief to five years for breaking into a building and committing a felony therein and three years for theft. The sentences will run consecutively.

Eliyasa Jana hails from Mtalimanja village in the area of Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi.



  1. 2 million =8 yrs, koma mmburundi kugwirilira mwana kumuphera tsogolo lokhala ndiumunthu ndi maphuzilo abwino 6 yrs only, do you know how girls suffer when they are raped???? Let the young man go to Xul, are you punishing him to make the PEA happy as you are friends or for the state? If its for the state at 18+8 is he going to be a gd citizen from prison or professional thief?

  2. Thats the judges of malawi putting poor pple in jail for small thing.kukweza udindo achina chaponda okuba chimanga cha dziko lonse.God is watching u. U said ua a charge but u must remember that there is someone who gonna judge u2 in heaven.

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