Zimbabwe: Mugabe fired

Robert Mugabe falls Zimbabwe

The ruling party of Zimbabwe, Zanu PF, has sacked President Robert Mugabe as its leader. The party has so far replaced him with Emmerson Mnangagwa who Mugabe had dismissed two weeks ago as Vice President.

Robert Mugabe falls Zimbabwe
Expelled! Mugabe falls from grace

Hundreds of senior Zanu-PF officials voted in Harare on Sunday as  the party, backed by the country’s military, moves to have President Mugabe ousted as President of Zimbabwe.

The move paves way for the impeachment of the veteran leader as it significantly weakens the position Mugabe, who has refused to step down following a coup orchestrated by the military last week, occupies.

Zanu PF’s extraordinary Central Committee has also fired First Lady Grace Mugabe, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao, Ignatius Chombo.

Mugabe’s expulsion comes a day after tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding that he paves way for Mnangagwa.

Efforts to impose his wife, Grace Mugabe as the rightful heir to the presidency started what has been described as the beginning of an end to Mugabe’s four-decade dynasty.

Despite the ‘soft coup’ on November 15 which has seen pressure mounting tremendously  on the 93-year-old leader to quit, Mugabe has stood firm and refused to throw in the towel. Much as he remains president, it is clear that his days are numbered.

In opening remarks at ZANU-PF’s Central Committee meeting, Obert Mpofu, the minister of home affairs who chaired the gathering, blamed First Lady Grace Mugabe and her allies for taking advantage of the veteran leader.

“We meet here today with a heavy heart because Mugabe’s wife and her close associates have taken advantage of his frail condition and abused the resources of the country,” he told members.

“I warmly welcome you all to this historic meeting which will mark a new era, not only for our country but for the party.”

The Central Committee is the highest decision making body in Zanu PF.

Meanwhile, Mugabe has defied expulsion by pledging in a television address to preside over the party’s next congress in December.

92 thoughts on “Zimbabwe: Mugabe fired

  1. Robert remains the democratically elected president till elections are held.At times Africans we dont observe protocol when we want to conduct things.look at the mess bY the army!

  2. In the name of the 35000 Ndebele you murdered, the white farmers and their workers you stole land from and raped, tortured and murdered, the 500000 you made homeless by bulldozing their homes and the country you destroyed while stealing billions… DIE AND BURN IN HELL MUGABE!!!

  3. Kodi inu mukungoti watsala Peter watumidwa two?! Anthu osakonda dziko lanu inu, Mugabe ndidzakukumbukila ndikulimba mtima kwako ur indeed the True Son of Africa

  4. Its fine like that on Zimbabwe go to change now, so about Malawi for about DPP red government by Peter mutharika, Better comander and staff of police service to make aplan like Zimbabwe to fired Peter mutharika and faken DDP before 2019,’ Because vote for DDP to 2019 with peter mutharika no confidence assebrief. Thanks am lives in south Africa.

  5. Fired? Thats fake news. He hasn’t been sacked……..he said he gonna resign after a reconciliation which will happen in weeks to come, instead his party Zanu Pf has given him until tomorrow 12 o’clock noon to resign if not they will impeach him on Tuesday.

    Please learn to give credible news

    1. You must really hate the Ndebele people. Gukhurahundi

  6. Asatipusise awa zopanganazo.Mugabe amalandila pressure ndi mkazi wake kuti akhale president. Koma mugabe sizimasangalasa then wangowatu asilikali aziti amalanda boma cholinga grace asawiligule

  7. Opepela inu,we are talking about Zimbabwe’s Mugabe and the skirmishes therein,not anyone else.If you have nothing to comment,silence is the best option coz FB si bwalo lowonetsera umbuli wanu

    1. Bolatu pamenepo,wina cha achimwene wina cha abambo zimenezi zili mu order kusiyana ndi chipani chamagazi mpaka kupha nduna?

  8. he sacked by his enemies from his party but he is still a president of zimbabwe for now. tomorrow they want to impeach him .battle is not yet end.Lets wait and see.

  9. Action speaks louder than words but Mnangagwa is not right man coz now is going to be Robert Mugabe’s 2 . How can they appoint someone who was burrying people alive? Mnangagwa is still Mgabe’s face, don’t be cheated coz he is a friend of mr Chiwenga, i feel like this is going to steal their democracy again

    1. The calibre of any African strong politician is to silence his/ her critics by killing. It’s not a surprise that Mnangagwa was hurrying people alive. That’s African politics. The main fact is Mugabe Must Pack And Go, basi. Beside leading to fight for Zimbabwe Indepence from Britain, Zimbabwe is not his estate

    2. No this guy cannever change Zimbabwe needs new blood. Mnangawa, Mugabe and the Army general believe in almost same things and believe me minuse Grace Mugabe these three could have been as intact as they were

    1. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace are “ready to die for what is correct” and have no intention of stepping down in order to legitimise this week’s military coup, his nephew, Patrick Zhuwao has said, according to Reuters.

    2. His nephew Patrick Zhuwao don’t know politics, his uncle is a dead-walking man, he’s failing even to speak, breath and walk. How can he fight? He ( Patrick) is crying bcoz of the calamities a head of the Mugabe family.

  10. Zanu pf party of kowards….a wk ago you were all praizing this criminal Bob just after military coup you hav changed tune. Africa cant trust you party members idiots! Mpsyyiiuu!!! A brood of vipers. Mundiyankhulisa kuipa… Inu ndiye anyani inu sianthu enawa iyayi. Dont give me fever

    1. Are you sure Mugabe is not ZANU PF? What am saying here is the army general,Nangagwa and Mugabe are best of friends
      Despite kuchotsedwa no one will see any difference in leadership style. Ndi amodzi and zinthu zipitilira as business as usual. A opposition abatokota Ku opposition konko mpaka mpaka. ZANU PF is the army, it is Nangagwa and it is Mugabe. They have interests to preserve.

    1. That would be the worst for Zimbabwe. Let him be duly prosecuted and no immunity should be negotiated with him

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