Journalists drilled on ECD


Journalists in the country have been urged to take a pivotal role in promoting Early Childhood Development (ECD).

The call was made by Action Aid Malawi Executive Director Mrs Grace Malera during the official opening of a two day media workshop on Early Childhood Development in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe .

Early Childhood Development

In her remarks, Malera emphasized that journalists in the country have a big role to play to make sure that Malawians are aware of the importance of ECD and sensitize them to send their young ones to Early Childhood Centres to become competent citizens of the country.

The Action Aid Malawi Country Director urged journalists in the country to act as a bridge between the stakeholders that are promoting ECD and the masses in both rural and urban settings so that information concerning ECD should be well understood.

“Journalists are very important in taking ECD further in the country. Action Aid and Malawi government can’t achieve best results without media.

“Once people will be aware of ECD through journalists, they will send their children to Early Childhood Centres and this will help them (children) to become good citizens of Malawi,” Malera said.

In his remarks, National Coordinator of ECD in the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Mr  Chalamanda said ECD in the country is doing better even though there are still some challenges faced.

Chalamanda said  Malawi government is geared to support ECD in the country but this can be a successful story if other stakeholders  join in just as  Action Aid Malawi is doing .

He further said that several findings have revealed that children who undergoes ECD become successful in life unlike the ones who do not.

During the first day of the workshop, Dr Khama Chibwana who is an expert in Early Childhood Development from University of Malawi, the Chancellor College drilled journalists to understand Early Childhood Development and its importance.

The workshop was  organised by Malawi Government with financial support from Action Aid Malawi ahead of Early Childhood Development week that is commencing on Monday, 20th November 2017.


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