Mutharika says he is fixing a ‘broken economy’

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika says his regime still focuses on one thing and that is working on the broken economy.

He was speaking in Parliament today.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Interest rates have dramatically fallen.

The Malawi leader cited the declining inflation rate from 24$ to 8.4% as of now as one of the indicators government is working tirelessly to fix things.

“Interest rates have dramatically fallen and our lending rate also declined to 18% by July 2017. Our exchange rate has been stable for over two years,” said Mutharika in his speech.

He added that in the meantime, preliminary forecast for 2017, economic growth rate is likely to be higher than the 5.5% as initially estimated which could be the highest in the SADC region.

“We are now set to rise above economic stability. We are set for economic growth,” he said.

The President also touched on issues such as the ongoing power outages, food security and democracy and accountability.



  1. My foot… Fire Goodall Gondwe and all those old assholes surrounding you boss and then start talking of the way how you gon start fixing the broken economy..

  2. Fixing economy with who? Hahahaha fire finance minister fire yourself let things be moved with people that have a heart.

  3. Yes it is, but how do you plan to do that, since independence Malawi like any other African countries, politicians and political parties aim to fix that, 53 years of independence, you still trying to fix the broken economy, when will the planning stage change into implementation and eventually results for everyone to see.

  4. Fixing A Broken Economy Of Malawi Or Of Yourself And Your Comrades.As Far As We Are Concerned, Nothing Is Being Fixed Here.

  5. Iwe pitala kumbukila kuti mau amati kwatsala tchile ndi kumene moto unkako don’t think that you are clever than anyone there is Jesus on top of you

  6. Hahahhaha..JB anapanga fix big big problemz in just 100 dayz…kubwezeretsa fuel,forex,donorz and kuthetsa ma blackouts omwe analipo nthaw imeneyo, koma abwanawa akhala 3 yearz in office,momwe anayambira kupanga fix economy and moreover how is he fixing economy whil small busineses have been killed with these blackouts???..APM has failed us, period….

  7. km pitala ndmunthu ozelezekad ikhala mfundo imeney yotiuza ife mtundu wa amalawi?muja adalowera paudindo muja adakalimbana Nd broken economy?awa adalowad paudindo coz of abale awo osati iwowa Ali ndnzeru zautsogoleri ayi mkulu mutu wake sugwra

  8. No ,this guy is totally destroying economy, JB left our Malawi kwacha at K35 or K33 to South Africa rand ,now talking of K53

  9. He’s infact creating a broken economy, but he was telling a very patient people in the world who believes everything the so called president says.

  10. Some guys will intentionally not put chairs in their rooms so that when a lady comes to visit, she will have no other option than to sit on the bed. These are ministers of Strategic Planning and Bedmatic Affairs. #Ño flog me too much, my period just show this morning.#

  11. Hw many times dd it go down farther under ur leadership? D u even knw wht u sayng? Im sure u gna run onse u fail the elections. We knw alrdy u wnt to steal frm generators thts why u moved her.

  12. We no longer interested in your jokes mr president. We are tired of stupid excuses. We are tired of dancing to your tunes. Your brother had his slogan “Mulore ntchito za manja anga zindichitire umboni.” ndipo zimawachitira ulemu in his first term and respect for that. Zanunso ntchito tikuziwona baba, ndipo zizakuchitirani umboni mtsogolomo ndithu. Mr president, stop dreaming open your eyes and shine them.For how long will you keep on lying to us? zindikirani kuti kunja kwayamba kucha ndithu ndipo ife maso athu tikutong’ola bwino bwino…

  13. He has derailed the ship , Joice Bandah left it in the gud shape , Muthatika is breaking it , he is not fixing , its worst , he mustn’t sleep

  14. Amalawi ndinu anthu oipa, ansanje Bingu mwatoti naye eee atamwalira madasi kuvina kwambiri wachita bwino wafa . He said no to gaism and the white started hating him and instead of supporting him mpamene mumamutemberera. lero wapita albino kuphedwa, anamapopa, floods , cashgate zonse zathu chifukwa chodana ndi zero debit budget kuzolowera ma free hands

  15. To those who are in Malawi simungavomereze zomwe Peter akunena bcoz palibe chomwe mukudziwapo.

    kwacha is gaining power, last yr mwezi ngat uno timasintha ma R1 to K60_00 while laleroli it’s R 1 to k46 pena kumapangapo appreciate ndibwino bcoz wayesesa.

    1. Bosco the time pamene amatenga ulamuliro tonse tikudziwa kut kwacha inali ili mmavuto kale. sindikumuikira Peter kumbuyo kuti chilichonse chikuyenda bwino ayi but ndikupanga appreciate kut wayesesa kwa ya genako ka phamvu

    2. Anzake 100 dayz in office anapanga fix alot of problems including kubwezerertsa fuel, no blackouts,forex,donorz just to mention a few,koma iyeyu wakhala 3 good years in office,wat is he fixing anyway??…how will he fix this country’s economy while small businesses have been killed with these blackouts???..To hell Peter Mutharika

  16. Galu wachabe chabe ukamalakhula ngati amalawi ndi ana just think that are u doing so money’s people are crying with you and u said u fixed what are you fixed ngati mwatopa baba pumulani dziko nilathu ngati mukufuna bwelelani komwe mudalili kuja mwaulemu amalawi tatopa nanu

  17. peter is trying his best to get the malawi economy up on its knees but the people who are working with him are all very corrupt.corruption is our main disease that is sickening our economy now and then.take exammple of the 1 billion MOH allowance scam.who is responsible for this?, president or minister of healthy?.we always point finger at president when things go wrong.the fact is that malawi is poor due to rampat corruption in all its govt ministries not becoz of peter.

  18. peter is trying his best to get the malawi economy up on its knees but the people who are working with him are all very corrupt.corruption is our main disease that is sickening our economy now and then.take exammple of the 1 billion MOH allowance scam.who is responsible for this?, president or minister of healthy?.we always point finger at president when things go wrong.the fact is that malawi is poor due to rampat corruption in all its govt ministries not becoz of peter.

    1. The head of government is responsible to fix the problems that you have outlined above. Am sorry but your Peter is to blame for all the mess including the said corruption. If children are misbehaving in a family the blame goes to the parents. He needs to put measures to curb corrupt practices in his government.

    2. i see your point of gave example of children misbehaving and their parents are blamed for the children’s mistakes.consider the case in which a parent gave money for school fees to their child and the child squandered it on drinking and gambling and at the end of the day the child is in trouble becz his future is a mess.who is irresponsible?, parents or the child or who is to blame?

    3. peter fired minister of agriculture george chaponda, didnt he? thats was the sign that our president is responsible.if not he would have just done nothing

    4. Nanunso a Volictor. You say he arrested Chaponda like you are talking to kids. Isn’t through the pressure that he received from all angles? Adachità kumuumiliza kuti amchotse chaponda. Muziyankhula ngati muli ku Malawi komkuno.

    5. kkkk! of course he had to find an evidence by acb and court to issue an arrest.he cannot order arrest without a thorough investigation.kungoti amalawi tilibe pabwino.

    6. if the ministry is doing the gud thing, the credit goes the president the same applies to the failures has to accept the blames

    7. if we blame the president we will never find an answer to our woes becoz this country is for malawians.if govt give funding to its ministries then if that money mismanaged or plundered then the people responsible are to blame not peter.thats why chaponda was nabbed for maizegate,why didnt they nab peter?

  19. Mr Peter U Are Not A Malawian Becoz Ukamava Chisoni Ndimomwe Amalawi Akuvutikira If U Were A Malawian.Get Ready In 2019 To Be Back In America Bola Ngati Simudaotce Green Card Ija Ishi Kulephera Kochititsa Manyazi!!

  20. You broke everything you’ll never ever fix it again who’re you kidding? You puppets together with your whole rotten stinking cabinet

  21. Everyone Malawian should want the economy to grow. A growing economy puts more money in families’ pocketbooks and charities’ budgets, the poor and unemployed have an easier time finding jobs, and families saving for retirement or their children’s education can see their nest eggs grow.

    So what can make this economy grow? You don’t need a degree in economics to answer this, you just need to think carefully. Common sense can help expose some popular but mistaken myths about the economy.

    Our country is a failed state – every-time we are told of investors coming, but when will they come? Which investor will come to a country that doesn’t invest in infrastructure? This country has no power and there is poor telecommunications.

    The policies, infrastructure, regulations, leadership and culture all contribute to the kneeling of this country.

  22. Mr president tell us Bushiri will fix economy this country not u mmbuzi goat one side teeth thanks to Pastor Bushiri young boy little boy will fix our country

  23. These are the cries of a failure. To be honest,this man has done absolutely nothing significant,but taking the country into dark dungeons. Malawi will be better off without him!

  24. Malawi has never been a great economy there’s no need to fix it rather grow the economy, you fix something that exists and not functional, in this case there’s need of putting new projects and programs

  25. i think peter amadzitenga dolo kwambiri and amaona ngati mmalawi muno palibe winaso, if talks about roads and other project government ili yonse ingabwere idzapanga because the Roads Authority is still there muyipeza and mudzasiya

  26. this guy so called Peter makes me to laugh sometimes, which economy he is fixing? or fixing Maize-Gate, fixing blue night-gate, fixing MSB-gate, Escom generator-gate or which economy Mr. president?

  27. Wina anayimba ” a mechanical ndi a feki, amangozipaka girisi”. Fake mechanical pretending to have fixed the economy. We do not live in the same country sure!

  28. He can’t say that he’s fixing while we are swimming in the pool of loadsheding. Electricity is the source of economy in every country in this planet

    1. seriously guys whose fault is it?? isnt he the head of this country?? what step has he taken to make sure there’s improvement on electricity issue??

    2. I don’t understand when you are saying it’s not his fault and you held him that he’s fixing economy. Are you trying to tell me that he is fixing his fault? Mukuchita kuuzana kuti MUUZE AMVE and yet you know that he’s the head of our government. Kukwatira mkazi oti ali ndi ana kale nde mkusamafuna kumva madandaulo awanawo eti? Escom ndi company yaboma nde CEO waboma ndamene akuyenera kutenga responsibility yazabwino komanso zovuta zimene zikupezeka kumeneko panthawi inoyi

    3. Nanga Mesa President Wanena Kale The Govt Is Planning To Bring Ma Genset So What Other Responsibility Do U Want From Him? U Mean This Problems Can Be Overcome Overnight? Mmm 4get Man

    4. inu akumva chingerezinu school yake yomweyi kapena munapita yanuyanu kapena yomweyi yomwe tinakaponda tonseyi? Where on earth can fix economy without electricity? Don’t just reply for the sake of replying but debate the topic or compete with opinions not displaying your degrees

  29. Ask him till when? Even he himself is there like a Statue . How can he fixed our broken economy while just seeing Chaponda’s and other 7 roten Cabinet Ministers enjoying 577 billion, that shows us that even Peter is a broken head. Try to ask him where did he start to fix our broken economy and how many steps has he achieved so far in his leadership? Do he also use Kwacha? Kkkkkk Peter is talking like he has started working today please don’t fool us

  30. Peter is an entertainer…kkkkkk just like Rowan Atkinson of Mr. Bean.. The only difference is that, Mr. Bean does the impossible possible and goes on.. While Peter is a mere blunt comedian who does the opposite of the expected truth that is testless to rough at. If he smiles we cry and if he cries we rough hahahaha…and makes no sense.. How can broken spanner fix a broken bicycle??kkkkk.

  31. its good to admit when your’ve failed sometimes, what economy is he fixing?? zakukanikani basi and mwalephera mochititsa manyazi. your a disgrace to all of us.

    1. Kuzwa meanin’ ya failed…… Peter a presdnt chakwera na a prsdnt.. btwn 2 who is failed 2014? chakwera z failed man…. mwna sumazwa chakwera sangalamule malawians coz anaxankha side imene iwe uli koma atakhala mbali ya uja ozndkra kwanu kuja angazawine 2019

    1. Man sndnu mmalawi et coz Malawian r wise, u r openly urseif dat u r indolent diceptive & usles 2 ur nation and ur folks call u bastard

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