Mwawi sets condition for Queens return


Malawi’s star netballer Mwawi Kumwenda has welcomed her recall to the Malawi Queens squad but has set a condition for her return.

Mwawi through her manager has demanded Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) to first resolve issues surrounding her expulsion from camp last month.

Mwawi has demanded NAM to resolve issues surrounding her expulsion.

Mwawi missed five games after she was booted out of camp and dropped from the Queens squad that went to Australia last month for the Fast Netball Series.

To the surprise of many netball lovers who thought they will miss Mwawi for a while, NAM through General Secretary Carol Bapu has recalled Mwawi to join camp for the upcoming England test series.

However, Mwawi’s manager Hlupikire Chalamba says as much as Mwawi is always excited and committed to represent Malawi and play with the Queens, as her manager and legal advisor, she has advised her to wait until a better understanding of what transpired during the last call up which led to her expulsion from camp.

“Whilst she really wants to play, I personally have reservations at this moment on the availability of a conducive environment for her effective participation, especially when I consider what transpired during the previous call up and the fact that the circumstances around her expulsion have not been cleared yet.

“As Mwawi’s Manager, let me express my concern with the manner in which Mwawi was expelled from camp. We are both well aware that Mwawi provided reasons beforehand for reporting late.

“If NAM found such reasons to have been unacceptable, then you would have accorded her a chance to be properly, fairly and impartially heard before enforcing a decision to expel her,” says Chalamba in the letter.

The manager further says the fact that the former Queens coach Sam Kanyenda was against Mwawi’s expulsion raises even more deep concerns, because the coach himself should have been the one to exercise such disciplinary oversight of his players.

Chalamba suspects that there may be other factors that resulted in such an arbitrary decision from NAM and says that the manner in which the decision was undertaken only served to further ridicule and stigmatize Mwawi.

“Specifically, NAM opted to publicly denounce Mwawi in front of her teammates and demanded her removal from camp. This is in spite of the fact that Mwawi had been earlier welcomed by the coach and had already commenced training with her teammates,” adds Chalamba in the letter.

She continued by saying that this kind of working relationship is not healthy for Mwawi and even her teammates especially considering that this is not the first time that Mwawi had such concerning actions.

Chalamba says she need to understand from NAM what happened, and how they can move forward amicably for the betterment of national interests that are at stake.

“Once this is done, I will be comfortable to release Mwawi- having the firm assurance that the best interests of Mwawi and the Queens are well safeguarded by NAM,” says Chalamba.



  1. Political chani chani zikuchitika kuli konse big picture here MALAWI needs Mwawi…..she is one thing making us proud to be called Malawian……..

  2. Big picture Malawi needs Mwawi……like it or not. She put us on the map like it or not. At least its one thing comforting us despite the major problems we have into his country. We need one positive story of success… We have major evils in this country, letting Mwawi in is lesser evil as it seems……

  3. Mwawi kumwenda is a star, whether you like it or not. Had it been kuti adaoita ku fast five, Malawi ikadakhala nambala yabwino. Makape a num/numb achotsedwe ntchito

  4. Pathetic fake Malawian netball lovers. Mwawi? Mwawi who? Kunali achina Mary Waya, Peace Chawinga etc , super stars who behaved all their life up to retirement. Oh and how many times do I have to say ‘yes she is a sharp shooter’ but she has to get the ball from someone! She can quit but Queens will always be up there. Get that into ur heads. Whats on no 6 in the world or number two in Africa is not Mwawi its the Queens.

  5. Let’s understand one another if there’s misunderstanding,we can still use Mwai Kumwenda as our weapon for Malawi national netball team. But this might not be a hobby to our both players boys and girls no. This is the reason y our players doesn’t go far when the nation start giving them morales.

  6. If Malawian footballers had managers like Mwawi’s, Malawian soccer would have improved. So passionate about the welfare of her player, great advisor, fearless and very professional.

  7. Respect players decision by Nam was I decisive look we performed poorly if she was there with her combination Malawi would have done better she is a star her presence can change the game attitude

  8. Am for Mwawi’s manager! There is nothing wrong in seeking to get facts straight on the whole episode based on what NAM did administratively! This happens all over their world where real administrators are not pompous

  9. Mwawi Kumwenda is the pillar of our queens whether we like it or not…. remember last time she was the Player or the World tournament… it will take years for a Malawian to scoop that accorde,, image she scored 162 baskets alone !!!!! the girl is a star and its hightime NAM and all of us must realize that and she deserves a special treatment.!!!

    1. Much as i agree with you that she is a star,i beg to differ on special treatment.the rest of the team might not have the zeal to play with enthusiasm if one individual has special treatment which may lead to the downfall of the team.everyone has an important role on the pitch just like different parts of the body have different roles they play.rather i wish nam and all responsible to try and have dialogue with players if there is a misunderstanding rather than rushing to make decisions which they later regret…

    2. At least Stella knows how sports should be special treatment for any player in the might affect the whole team.remember its always better having team work than depending on individual brilliance.What if Mwawi get injured??will the team end or take a break from playing games???no…so no player is bigger than a team.

    3. that is not the issue broz go to England and see if players are paid equally???? stars are highly paid and the whole teams knows but that doesn’t affect them. as a team when you have a star you are even motivated Ma queens when they see Mwayi the whole team is alive ndiye if she is treated specially the team cannot suffer after what is good between special treatment and loosing without a star shooter

    4. that is not the issue broz go to England and see if players are paid equally???? stars are highly paid and the whole teams knows but that doesn’t affect them. as a team when you have a star you are even motivated Ma queens when they see Mwayi the whole team is alive ndiye if she is treated specially the team cannot suffer after what is good between special treatment and loosing without a star shooter

    5. About payments it depends on the contract signed and its all down to business wise.a player that helps a team generate much revenue is rewarded with bumper contract.that’s why sometimes we see stars sometimes getting lower wages than others warming the bench….Contrary to Mwawi’s issue.her issue was about in that category there’s no special treatment for any kind of player.we have seen Chelsea axing their top goal scorer for not behaving (Diego Costa).Fearing that the player’s bad behavior could affect the whole dressing room which is disaster to the team.Ofcourse the team do struggle sometimes after situations like these,but we should be always thinking of long term effects.If any player in a group is left un punished for misconduct,it raises so many questions and tension among the group.there is always a risk that others might attempt to do the same knowing that they might also escape the punishment easily..

  10. good call mwawi. and tell NAM you will join the camp only if they also restore Sam kanyenda . he stood up for you. fair enough for you to return the favour. to hell with Carol bapu …. smilley emoji and kudos.. hahaha

  11. Am a Zambian, but I keenly follow this best team in the world,, those of you saying she’s old, I remember watching what you would call Nchembelembaya at the time, by the name of marry wire, one of the tornament, she was slow, but clinical, why was she taken?? Experience, so mwai she’s still young, I wish she can just get Zambian citizenship, we know how to honor out sportsmen and women,

    1. Shut up! What are you doing on Malawian page..she is Malawian she is Malawian we know how to treat each other here

    2. And am your neighbor, taking keen interest in the happenings of sport in Malawi, oh! By the way, Exire Kings I was brought up well, I address everyone with respect regardless of different opinions, sport unites us all! Malawi, Zambian, Zim Zim, Iraqis, or Egyptians, I bless you.

    3. Rubbish…..dont you put your stinking nose into this. This is our issue and it’s none of your concern. PLEASE MIND YOUR BUSINESS. PERIOD

    4. Truth Always Hurts Us Malawians,why Are U Blaming The Zambians Comments?Remember This Is Social Media&no One Has The Boundary To Express Their Views,whether Malawian Or Zambian But In Sports We All Unite,dont We Hv Players Who Are Playing Outside Malawi??

    5. This is online news everyone has the right to like the page. I could agree with you #Exire and # Mapemba if it was a Whatsapp group that only Malawian can participate. I liked a Zambian page “Daily Nation” and I do comment on some stories but they never hurl an insult on me. Let us love one another. Boundaries should not make us enemies. We’re all God’s children. Remember the Bible says “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”.

    6. kkkkkkk brother Adams Banda dont worry with some negative comments from Malawians, they are tired and frustrated with our readers politically and socially.

  12. You mean the whole country is depending on one person? Kuli atsikana ambiri akatswiri koopsya ku primary school, secondary school ndi ma club ena a netball. Promote them. Mwina ndikusadziwika.

    1. Amwene takangowatengani maplayer abwino kuposa Mwawi komwe aliko akayambe kumenya national team coz ku Australia kuja kunalibeko kusonyeza kuti NAM inalephela kumpanga replace ndipo ife tinachita manyazi. Maganizo angati anuwa nde osokoneza maplayer simakasu oti muziwafuna polima kenako nkuwataila uko

  13. Mwawi is heavily paid olo ndili ine ndizimva kaye juice ngati nda*ya ku White house.Asamenye….its her time.Who is Carol Bhapu….on the Map?????????search Mwawi google,Wikipedia ikumuyaza!!!!!!

  14. NAM should not apologise to this kid please whether she got money thats hers no player is bigger than Nam just let her go use the players that are readily available that to waste our time with her . Discipline applies to all the players whether she got money or not

    1. Technical panel of course but the penel was so weak which is why it toralated that utter nonsense. Mwai has been here since september and to say that she will report late on grounds that she was bussy donating uniforms was disgusting!

  15. Armchair comments should re-read the article.
    It is very easy calling her names because you have never been ill-treated.
    Mwawi is a successful netballer. Like or hate her.
    NAM does not treat players with redpect. The likes of Peace Chawinga were forced into retirement just because officials at NAM wanted their daughters to replace these players.
    Remember they left gruntled because of negative comments about their ages?
    Now they are pushing Mwawi out. You swallow bait hook and sinker

    1. Yes I remember the inclusion at that time of beatrice Mpinganjira on account of her mother’s position as then Nam SG

    2. I agree the likes of Linda Magombo they never wanted to stop playing in the national team but the leadership frustrated her big tym. Wicked pple ma bulutu. Peace anamukhomelela mpaka naye she gave up.. kodi achina carlo bapu anasewerako mpira kut leadership ya nam imafuna ma veteran in netbal like Judith Chalusa Ireen mpinganjila n the like.. A mary waya vuto kuipa mtima nao ma jealos pa mwana Mwai mmmm these pple now God wanted kuwayalusa ndipo mwayaluka anthu inu ..

    3. Koma munthu wankulu kuchitira nsanje mwana. Manyazi kuwasiya ukoooo kutali.

      Koma wamwawi ndi wa Mwawi, mwawi wobadwa nano. Ndasauka ndine wa Mwawi ngwa Mwawi
      Kupata kwakoko iwe kwachoka kwa anansi ako
      Ndasauka ndine wa Mwawi mgwa Mwawi– Fumbi Jazz Band

    1. sure… and the secret abt fast5 was scoring from a distance. . thts whre we missed the target. . otherwise the performance was superb

    2. last time remember at fast5 she was the player of the tournament !!! it will take years for a Malawian to scoop that. she scored 162 baskets how do you see that??? the girl is a star and lets treat her like one

    3. not sure if this is by coincidence tht she z frm north.. and its only her fellow northerners behind her. . thts wat is killing Malawi.. even in political circles ,,lomwes are alwys behind Peter.. Chewa believe in Chakwera.. wth Yoa havng ful hopes in Atupele

    4. and who told u takanawina if we had her… any sport its abt team work tht brings success. . after all samenya yekha mpira..

    5. im from the north but im against her n she should be sacked for ever as she z not the only player we hv many players hu can do better,,,@Mphatso

    6. people like you are still living in the dark ages….. dont you know that each team even football have their playmaker?? the likes of Messi, Ronaldo in our queens its Mwayi…people who make a difference its not bad to give such people special treatment amafuna kumawanyengerera mukakana apo mumaluza ndye kuluza ndikunyengerera Star which one is painfull and hard to do???

    7. with all due respect. . whre are you getng this guarantee tht we wud hav own games if we had her.? we hav seen barca losing games despite havng tht best attackng duo of mess.. neymah and suarez… madrid are losng games Ronaldo ali momo.. … special treatment. ? thts wat yaya and his agent once thought .. whre is he now.. watching his team win games from the bench.. as a star if thy z a time one needs to be careful its wen ua at peak.. discipline has to be observed alwys.. be it a star or not… if you ask fisher why he has been in the game tht long. he wil tel of discipline bng part of his success. ..

  16. Some will rush to comment without reading the whole story, read and comment after understanding, that’s the use of Data, I concur with her manager….that’s professionalism!!

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