Kenyan law firm dupes Malawi

Ministry of Agriculture

A Kenyan law firm defrauded Malawi of $500,000 (about K360 million) which government is struggling to recover.

Attorney General Charles Mhango told the local media that the law firm, Kairu Mbuthia and Kiingati Advocates, was paid the money through bogus claims.

Ministry of Agriculture
Charles Mhango: the money was paid through bogus claims.

According to the local media, the firm was awarded a contract to oversee and rehabilitate Malawi Government’s property in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

The company failed to deliver the services but went on to demand money from Malawi.
Government struggled to recover the money on its own and has since hired another Kenyan law firm to drag Kairu Mbuthia and Kiingati Advocates to court.

“We have engaged another Kenyan law firm to help us. I will not be representing the government in person.

We gave the [Malawi] Embassy [in Kenya] instructions to hire a law firm there in order to deal with this matter,” Mhango told the local media.

Meanwhile, chairperson of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Alekeni Menyani has said PAC together with Malawi Law Society and other experts will conduct investigations into the bogus payment.