Friends of Nkhotakota donates to patients

As a way of supporting of government, members of Friends of Nkhotakota living in Zomba donated various items to patients at Nkhotakota District Hospital.

Malawi24 caught up with one member of the group Aisha Lumanza Phiri who said the donation was made because they want to help government and to show patriotism.

Nkhotakota Friends
Friends of Nkhotakota donating various items to patients.

“As you know, when you want to build something you need to clean your home first so that you may set a good example to other people.

“And because of this we decided to visit our home first and later we go will go to other areas,” Phiri told Malawi24.

She further said the initiative was also geared to help Malawi government.

“We want to support government since we know that they are facing problems to meet the demand for everyone. That is also the reason we decided to work hand in hand with government so the other people may benefit from that,” she stressed.

The group donated items worth K900,000. The items included 20 bags of maize weighing 50 kilograms each, 50 kilograms of salt, 4 bales of sugar, 20 litres of cooking oil, 20 bottles of orange squashes, bathing and laundry soap.

The grouping told Malawi24 that this is just the beginning though fiscal challenges are pulling them backward.

“We want to do more than this but money problem is a challenge. We will try our best so that we can achieve our goals which is to help each other as well as other people with whatever little things we have,” Phiri said.