I was never scheduled to speak in Malawi – Malema


South African revolutionary politician Julius Malema has denied claims by the pressure group Transformation Alliance that he was lined up to speak in Malawi  this weekend.

Malema who leads the revolutionary Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) expressed surprise when it was put to him that he was expected to be in Malawi on Friday.

Malema: Denies the claims.

It was earlier reported that Malema will come to Malawi to speak at the Transformation Alliance convention which has been organised by the pressure group Transformation Alliance led by Moses Kunkuyu.

The conference kicked off on Friday and is expected to end today but on Thursday it was widely reported that Malawi Government had banned Malema and Zambian opposition leader Saviour Chishimba from entering Malawi to attend the event.

When a Twitter user on Thursday tagged Malema a Malawi24 article about the politician being banned in Malawi, Malema said he was “never expected to deliver a speech in Malawi.”

He later tweeted: “I never spoke good or bad about the government of Malawi or the president of that country. But I’m told the government of Malawi banned me.”

Julius MalemaLater on Thursday, Malema’s EFF released a statement condemning Chishimba for claiming that Malema would come to Malawi to attend the convention.

“There has never been communication between Chishimba and the EFF or its president about any such visit or the political conditions in Malawi,” the statement said.

The statement also called on Malawi Government to reverse Malema’s ban saying it was based on wrong information.

“It cannot be that the leader of the EFF can be banned based on false rumours, even if these are by those who are hostile to the government of the day in Malawi,” the party said.

Meanwhile, Malawi Government has rejected claims that it has banned Malema and Chishimba saying the letter which was circulating on social media is false.




  1. To stop MALEMA to visit in Malawi totally is stupidity the Republic of Malawi let Malema visit Malawi.

  2. Even if he doesn’t go to Malawi. Ban him anyway just in case. Evil piece of trash!

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