Msowoya laments poor state of roads in the North


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice president Richard Msowoya has decried the poor state of roads in the Northern Region saying the roads are death traps which are deterring progress.

Msowoya mentioned Karonga-Nthalire road saying the bad condition of the road is limiting farmers from transporting their produce to good markets.

Richard Msowoya

Msowoya worried over poor state of roads in the North.

Writing on his Facebook page after attending Traditional Authority Nthalire’s burial ceremony in Chitipa on Saturday Msowoya expressed dismay over the condition of the roads.

“Going to the funeral I used the road from Karonga Boma to Nthalire which is 162 km long. The stretch took us four hours to navigate, the road is so bad,” Msowoya said.
According to Msowoya who is also the speaker of the August House, if the road can be rehabilitated it can open up opportunities for farmers.

“Grading and maintaining that road would open up opportunities for those producing the abundant crops in the area and people who have sizeable herds of cattle and goats would have easier access to good markets in Mzuzu, Rumphi and Karonga,” He said.

He said that the road was last rehabilitated some five years ago and it is now in need of urgent attention.

On his return, Msowoya used the road through Rumphi which he also said need upgrading since it passes through one of the country’s tourist attraction sites.

“The road via Rumphi, which I used on my return from the funeral, passes through Nyika National Park, possibly the most beautiful part of Malawi and an underutilised tourist destination that Malawi need to make more of and get more from,” Msowoya said.

“However the road too needs attention because it is even worse condition than the other road and stretch after Chelinde to Perekezi, Nyika National Park, can only be described as a death trap. Protruding rocks and deep drains slow any car almost to a stop,” he added.


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