Govt vows to protect women and girls in the country


Government says it will work with all tribes in the country in making sure that all women and girls are free from practices that expose them to the risk of contracting HIV and AIDS.

The remarks were made on Thursday at Mountain Hora in Mzimba by Deputy Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare Clement Mkumbwa during the official opening of a Ngoni cultural event.

Govt to continue protecting women and girls.

Mkumbwa said time has come for all tribes to start respecting and valuing girls and women in the country.

According to the minister, girls and women are still suffering in silence and keep on contracting diseases in the name of respecting their culture.

He therefore pledged to support girls and women in all parts of the country regardless of their tribe.

On gender based violence, Mkumbwa said government has deliberately put in place polices to make sure it economically empowers women as one way of dealing with cases of gender based violence.

“We have national action plan to deal with gender based violence and encourage women participation in the country,” he explained.

Speaking at the same function, Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbelwa V said they will use such events to make sure the Ngoni tribe is free from HIV and AIDS.




  1. Old kind uf stratergy,,,, mmene mnayambira muja u hvnt achieved a thing koma kakaka,,,, cholinga ndlama should continue being drained towards tht ena nkumangozidwa basi…. Feeling sorry fo my beloved #Malawi

  2. Boma liwalimbikitse achinyamata onse kuyenda ndi makondomu/protecter everywhere akupita Kaya ndikugeli ever Ku M’jigo/Kudzitsime Osaiwala kunyanja Ndiye madolo opepera okonda kugwirira mudzivalirathu Shango kwanuko plz plz

  3. Koma nde Mahule! otheratu,Anthu okonda ku…..tsa! motheratu, bola kungowasiya don’t waisting time and any fund 4 them, Female condom is provided in gvt hospital, they can protect themselves without anybody.

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