Malawians in Kuwait still being abused

Malawians working in Kuwait have expressed concerns over working conditions in the Asian country.

Speaking with Malawi24, a number of Malawians living in Kuwait have said that among all migrants living in the country, people from the warm heart of Africa are least paid due to lack of agreements between Malawi and employers in Kuwait.

One of the Malawians who fled the Asian country a week ago due to poor working conditions told Malawi24 that most people from Malawi are offered jobs contrary to what they agreed before leaving Malawi.

One of the Malawians told Malawi24, his duty is to carry refrigerators like this one.

“When they are recruiting us to go there, they tell us what we will be doing but once we are in Kuwait, they give us different jobs that are contrary to our earnings,” said the man who opted for anonymity.

He added that Malawians in Kuwait are not considered workers since they do not have a set minimum wage for each job.

According to the man, other migrants in Kuwait get fair salaries matching the type of jobs they do but Malawians are paid peanuts.

“We get low salaries contrary to the jobs that we do. This is different with workers from other countries as their respective countries negotiate with the Kuwaiti employees on minimum work and other working conditions. They tend to receive better salaries matching their jobs,” he disclosed to Malawi24.

In a separate interview, another Malawian man who is in Kuwait said one of his duties is to carry an electronic machine weighing over 100 kilograms from the top floor to lower floors of a 13 floor skyscraper.

The man told Malawi24 that most people do the job because they fail to raise enough money to come back home.

“We risk our lives by working in dangerous places, doing hard jobs that at the end we earn little money. The problem is that our authorities don’t agree with the Kuwaiti employees on conducive working conditions,” he said. Due to lack of jobs in Malawi, youth are flocking to other countries such as South Africa, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates (UAE) to find work.



    1. Bro had it been it’s like that you would have seen me back home
      But there are some people who were born lazy and the were thinking that if they come here they will go straight in office
      My brother life is like that in a foreign land everywhere you go
      But for me am enjoying life here

  1. And someone will say munthalika must apologize, you see how they treat us now? Let’s not sell our beautiful land to these so called donors.

  2. And do I need to comment on this???

    Log in to my Facebook account and see if am suffering or not.

    There are alot of developments I have done back home which I can not expose now and then on social media.

    I even had a song **Peza chochita** (No food ffi ah lazy man- osagwira ntchito asadye)

    Within a period of two years, I’ve achieved alot of things more than I did in the past back home after graduation.

    Hard-working pays and if you don’t have visions, even if you get more than enough, you still don’t prosper in life.

    The only country I feel safe more than in my home country coz I move freely any place anytime without the fear of being ambushed.

    ….and if you think KUWAIT is bad, you must be the problem because each and everyone undergo signing work contract forms…..and if you are not satisfied with what you get here, then, blame yourself for pretending to agree with all the working conditions on the contract forms which YOU (Yourself) signed when you were still in your country.

    (((((Loud and clear)))))

    You are free to learn everything from me…..

    Tweeter, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook,
    [email protected]

  3. Like serious I better go there and face those abuses, I better go there and work as a slave and I will be back here as a King rather than kick the backet with hunger here, a poor man doesn’t complain!

  4. What I know in every company when a person is get hired internationally he fill a form in which it is indicated the money which that person will be receiving as contract and they indicated very well the work and condition of the company I wonder about him may be he got lost because last time I check some of his fellow Malawian are sending good currency back home any way since here in Kuwait they do medical check up so ask him is he alright? Because any one whose body is polluted is forced to go back may be he was just covering up on his healthy status

  5. Mchifukwa chani ku malawi kuno tili ndi amwenye ochokera ku kuwait ena mwa iwo amagwira tchito zosiyanasiyana ma factory tiyakhala pansi mkugwirizana monga amalawi mkupeza zochita tikhoza kuchita bwino kusiyana ndikumakavutika ku mayiko ayini wache tili nyanja komanso mitsinje yochuluka dziko muno imene ingatithandizire kupeza chuma tiyeni tipange timagulu ta athu anayi kapena asanu taulimi wathilira kupanga burget ya water pump fertilizer zolimitsira we can make money athu akulemera komkuno osamangothamangira maiko akunja ndiye akakufinyani mukumabuwura kwambiri kuti tiziti akukupangani khanza mayesa munapitirako tchito ndiye mumaona ngati tchito yake ndiyotani

  6. Well it depends which job you choose on interview cause it is impossible for a person who has no any experience to be put on the job which will risk others for example you are hired the job at airport yet you you don’t know anything what do you expect you be bag carrier so leave those who talk nonsense hahahaha so they are expecting to get rich in three months na impossible

  7. Africans we create hatred towards ourslaves,really how a rabs will like us,how they can provide to us jobs, when we expose them on social media,This Akon was talking the weakness we have Africans, useless things,simple matters, family affairs, every nonsense we bring out on social media ,now blacks we struggle a lot to find jobs here,because of being naive,

  8. The problem we have,we African people ,we never appreciate for what we have in our hands,we full of complaining. Here in Kuwait Malawians boys they work in good companies ,with good salary, accommodation,, even our grammars they say work as aslave at the end you will eat as a king,to be honest for I prefer Kuwaiti than other Arab countries even if you doesn’t have papers you can still find a job here, please my brother from Africa stop this fuckin talkative braaaa braaaa

  9. Kodi guys tiyeni inenso ngiyikepo ndemanga pankhaniyi, kodi munthu kuthawa dziko lakwanu sichachilendo kwaife ayi adayamba nda azigogo athu, achina john chilengwe, olonso abingu anuwo akulila kuti? Ndiye mutidwabwe ife lero palibe zimenezo malawi ndiyowawa basi,mundu akati walemela akakwime kaye ife kuno kujoni tikusangalalatu kumalawi mundu akuninga asadamwalile ndiufulu umeneyo tazingokhalani choncho azanu moyendamu akupanga makobili

  10. Ngati mwasowa zolemba kambani ina amene mwafutsawo atamangitsa kuno chifukwa chakuba.kumalawikotu inu muzongokhala ndimavuto anu andalewo.ngati mukufuna kuwona anthu akuvutika pitani masukulu mukawone aziphutsitsi .kukanengo kufodya ndi kuleba mukawone amalawi amene akuvuka komanso iwe wa news ndalama imene ndimalandila ine mukoza kulipila anthu anu okwana 20.kkkkkkkkk ukhalila zomwezo azanu akupanga makobili kagwele ukoooooooooo ndi nabibi akowo

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  12. Why is it that there’s a lot of abuses of foreign workers in these Islamic countries, is there any relationship between Islam and cruelty?

    1. In the HISTORY of the world, who has KILLED maximum INNOCENT human beings? 1) “Hitler” Do you know who he was? He was a Christian, but media will never call Christians terrorists. 2) “Joseph Stalin called as Uncle Joe”. He has killed 20 million human beings including 14.5 million were starved to death. Was he a Muslim? 3) “Mao Tse Tsung (China)” He has killed 14 to 20 million human beings. Was he a Muslim? 4) “Benito Mussolini (Italy)” He has killed 400 thousand human beings. Was he a Muslim? 5) “Ashoka” In Kalinga Battle He has killed 100 thousand human beings. Was he a Muslim? 6) Embargo put by George Bush in Iraq, 1/2 million children have been killed in Iraq alone!!! Imagine these people are never called terrorists by the media. Was he a Muslim? Today the majority of the non-muslims are afraid by hearing the words “JIHAD”. Jihad is an Arabic word which comes from root Arabic word “JAHADA” which means “TO STRIVE” or “TO STRUGGLE” against evil and for justice. It does not mean killing innocents. The difference is we stand against evil, not with evil”. Is ISLAM really the problem? 1. The First World War, 17 million dead (caused by non-Muslim). 2. The Second World War, 50-55 million dead (caused by non-Muslim). 3. Nagasaki atomic bombs 200,000 dead (caused by non-Muslim). 4. The War in Vietnam, over 5 million dead (caused by non-Muslim). 5. The War in Bosnia/Kosovo, over 500,000 dead (caused by non-Muslim). 6. The War in Iraq (so far) 12,000,000 deaths (caused by non-Muslim). 7. Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Burma (monks!) etc ongoing..(caused by non-Muslim). 8. In Cambodia 1975-1979, almost 3 million deaths (caused by non-Muslim). “MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS AND TERRORISTS ARE NOT MUSLIMS.” These double standards must be broadcast.

    2. Khady Milazi Mussa, thanks for this peace of information, you’re very correct, Muslims too are victims of the biggest terror groups, the west. However, I’ve noticed an increased abuse of the domestic workers in the middle east hired from Africa and the far east and it’s very worrying, the news doesn’t come from the propaganda news agents like CNN and BBC, but from the hired people themselves, especially Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, sorry that I included Islam.

    1. Amapita zomwezi amenena kuti those looking for jobs all traveling expenses paid for kaya amati akagwira ntchito zanji most of them get sold ndiye paja you can do anything with your property

  13. if the people who are there find no problems, why talking about them? it sounds awkward taking off your jacket on somebody’s battle.

  14. Malawi government doesn’t protect it’s citizens outside of Malawi for that forget. Short example go to Zimbabwe, south Africa pass Mozambique road Malawians being robbed by authorities there lying to them for the money to buy the road. The thing doesn’t exit. I’m using foreign passport never asked me those things only to Malawi.

  15. This is what I am going to tell every Malawian, the country of Malawi is not poor as all you said or as you think,the problem is the all Malawian when the finished their study’s the don’t have any plans for opening on their company so that the can give jobs to their brothers , don’t think that to going out of the country is better life,brothers and sisters everywhere you are in Malawi don’t stop what you are doing to thinking that you must go out of the country keep on of what you are doing,most of these people are living out of country the are not happy like the way you are home is the best,please keep on doing what you are doing one day God he will remember you and you will become a big man

  16. We are going to stay here…..who can carry more than 100kgs?Life is more than good here..ask our relatives up there..they will show you some evidence…please do not say things without proper evidence..munakumanapo ndi ine mkundifunsa mmene ndikukhalira kunoko?I am here until all my dreams fulfilled….Long live Malawi!!!God bless Malawi!!!

  17. I THINK MALAWI24 is here just posting whatever they have gathered on that particular day coz its not so long when the same Malawi 24 had posted something about a colonies who are in Kuwait that they are singing with the sweet song in that Asian country comparing to Malawians flocking to south Africa… Actually my point of view,,,,wherever u can choose to work there’s sweet sour in a cake..even in our own country.. Malawians who are working in Indians, or foreigners they are facing brutality..but if they have got that intimacy of working for future,or working to cater something for their families they accept it coz at the end they wud like to see something creamy n the plate…some people were born to complain in everything.. They can even be absconding from classes just because they hate there vernacular language(Chichewa) which is our mother language..
    The good thing is these people are better minded coz they choose to suffer in exile osati kuphikiridwa mu mkaka wa mache..they want to see the better sides of there academics rather than kumadyeledwa masuku pamutu…
    Malawi24 learn to source something import not these indoor discussions,,,

  18. Whoever posted this story should investigate thouroghly before sending such trash, am in Kuwait, ask me I will tell you the reality on the ground. In kuwait life is good, if you hold a degree and work in Malawi, you salary is equivalent to a labour in Kuwait, shame on you who simply dent image of kuwait without facts on the ground

    1. Auze amvetse..nduvaya komko soon..ndukabweranso …asova..mkutheka anawapeza ndi matendan nde akumathokako trush akavaya..shatapu zawo

  19. I think this story is really a joke of the day because what I know is that in the whole world the powerful money is in kuwait you can search on Google. And peaple who are working there are receiving more money more than mp of Malawi so if you say that peaple are staving that means it’s only you. May be they find you with hiv and aids coz everyone who come to kuwait go for medical check up before if they found you positive they send you back home. So pizza don’t talk more we have done more things in Malawi bcouze of kuwait

    1. mr man ua tokin that guy if am not mistakin ndinamva kuti amathawa kubaidwa injection so that they shud take him blood mpaka anapanga resign kuti akufuna abwerere

    2. Kkkkk he has something. He is just hiding it. Tell him to explain kkkkk kkkkk it’s just a matter of being angly. I know him well

    3. This is what the say the money is good indeed but the problem is here,when you get job every where you know how much you will get paid,but to them the are don’t get paid what the have told to,

    4. to be sure and frankly speaking that country have strongest currency but some they lack skill so most of that they’re forced to do domestic work which have less value

    5. to be sure and frankly speaking that country have strongest currency but some they lack skill so most of that they’re forced to do domestic work which have less value

    6. Gift Chale yes the companies respect their agreement but for the guys who are facing that salary problem actually they are getting their salary but the place where they are working they are sapoz to get desert allowances of which thea fellow Malawian who happen to be their immediate boss in agreement with some they don’t give them that allowance and working for 14 hrs instead of 8 hrs they don’t even give them OT as other companies do.

    7. Google much on this one…how can some1 work for 14 hrs without having OT…just that people you talk much about things u dn’t even kno abt the facts…People they do come there for vacations from kuwait and they do manage to buy themselves air tickets which cost abt MK 800.000 return…ndie akamabwelera amat akuzafunaso cani.!? people r making money in kuwait…only that Malawians r too jeolousy…Kumapemphera kwambili kut tizagonjetsedi…Njala…Nthenda ndi Nsanje.

    8. Auzeni abomcholiwo kuti kuno nde zili bwino ndithu…the way nduwafunila awo mumawatcha atolankhani wo eeeeeeh azanikumanize ku chileka this coming November….tizapatsaneko mau angapo after the interview zawapatsanso ya fuel going back kaya kwawo kaya kuti azasova…

    9. Nde mwati salary ya ma MP ku mpanje
      Ikumazachepaso chapamene panja kkkkk
      Nde mwatii kd ya ine ndikumazakulaso chapamene panja kkkkkkk
      Kuwait cha thawiii inayake ndikumazaikonda kwabasi kkkkkkkk
      I love kuwait D

  20. @ Edson we can work hard ,,,,but if they is poor leadership nothing we can havst…..we endup cashgate maizegate. ,,,,thus is our life,,,in malawi,,,,

  21. Even the Pakistan, indians, Bangladesh and Nepali citizens are also receiving less salary in is not only Africans. The problem with Africans is that we like complaining too much. You aplied a cleaning job and you expect good salary? Understand that there are many Africans in Kuwait including Malawians who are also receiving more salaries.

  22. (Due to poor working conditions ) let’s put this straight coz am so confused here my Question is when you are saying LACK of AGREEMENTS bet ween MALAWI and KUWAIT employers” do you mean the Malawi government or what? If YES then you must know that some of your wages is going to the government….. ask me why I say so?? And I will explain the reason I say this …….

  23. We still have a long way to go for other races to accept that a black man is not a monkey but a fellow human being. It’s hard for them to accept the abolishment of slave trade. However colionialism still exists to this very day only that it is wearing a new diplomatic face

  24. Oh that’s y people say Malawians are Dom,I c it today,and all these its bcaz of zipping mouths on a place and go talk behind later in groups, everything to a Malawian is Yes Boss,even if wi feel it wrong wi still saying Yes Boss…changes needed very soon..

  25. No bad treatment it happens especialy asian, these people its their behaviour every around the world. They used to say God created black people to work for them without compasation I hate the asian so much and even me I can’t work with them anymore its better to do business myself

  26. From what I learnt last wk actually there a number of some people who are complaining on such and payments too, so guess who is behind all this…a Malawian brother is doing all these, he has a better position and instead of making his country men good he takes thea extra money and making them work for 14 hours instead of agreed 8 hrs, if they want to do something on that he threatens them to be sucked and send them back to Malawi and they just keep quite, the ones he favours as his spies they get all the benefits. But the rest in other companies they are really enjoy, kusowa chikondi amalawi ndikoyenda komwe, uchitsilu

  27. Life in a foraign country is tough.even if you go to europe for u to found yo feet on the ground you have to be strong mentally and physically.its not fo sisies and cry babies.raceism and xenophobic attacks are there,if you are a softie you end up much you wanted to get paid?20000 dollars?remember that you awe the agancy money,which they get from your salary…stop telling us your problem we have our problem but we act as if everything is normal.just come back home.


    1. Most Malawians are lazy in Malawi koma kunja Malawians are hard workers. Taonapo ana akumpanda osambira cake akugwira magobo molimbika. Abuse is there zoona ,ena amatha kuphedwa kumene,some Africans are in prisons waiting for deportation which takes months to happen even years. Despite the labour agreement between countries,many countries dont follow rules.For example in Arabic countries , a local arab gets no punishment mostly when reports of abuse are reported. Its hard to work outside Malawi but life in Malawi currently is even harder thats why ena amalorera kumatukwanidwa bola akupeza kangachepe

    2. But I’m not lazy. maybe you. M’maikomu tadana ndi weni ake a dzikolo chifukwa cholimbikira kugwira ntchito and you blame your fellow brothers. kumeneko munthu patsiku kugwira ntchito ya kalavula gaga, koma ndalama ya pa tsiku osakwana kugula 2l cooking oil, bread, malo a utsipa, wtf? M’malawi ndi olimbikira ngati ukumulipira bwino.

    3. Are they?? or they are working tirelessly (hardworking) simply because they don’t have any choice but to work and survive.

    4. We are stupid if we’re lazy in our country & hard work begin at home . We are lazy. How can we develop our poorest Malawi?Even tikapita kunja ndikubwwlako sitimaganizaso zot tiyambe kageni kwathu kuno ayi koma kumangozungulira ndinjinga ya kinga ndikumanyenga azikazi a eni

  29. we are now facing neo-colonialism what about if you travel to the motherland of these neo-colonialism practicers?
    indeeed you need to think carefully before flying overseas
    passport money could be used as a capital here.

  30. Ukamachoka ku Malawi uziyendela mawu oti chadotha nchipanda nchomwedwa apo biiiiiii you will always cry in foreign country.
    The problem many Malawians have they think life is easy when they go abroad like SA,UK,Kuwait and other countries which is wrong.Money doesn’t come easily any where all over the world u have to sweat.Never creat your own good image for the destination you’re going to you will regret!!!.

    1. You lying dear, malawians in Kuwait they really work, from main job to partimes, overtime etc, and one can say if these people they do like this in their own country, Malawi would have been somewhea today… And thea in Kuwait they love Malawians for thea hard working spirit

    2. #Namunde I don’t think u have understood my comment very well ???.Any way thanks for telling us how fellows are doing in Kuwait.

    3. Fuso langa ndilakut kodi ali kumeneko ndi atsikana kapena anyamata coz nyamata olimba mtima amapirila pogwira ntchito ngati ine choti muziwe amalawi ndalama zili paminga sungangozipeza momphweka ofunika kulimbikira pogwira ntchito

    4. #Toma fans yambiri zokhesa thukuta simalota koma imafuna italemela kuiwala kuti Mulungu amadalitsa mosiyanasiyana.Ndalama ndi imonzi koma mapezedwe ndi osiyanaaaaa.

    5. Ndili ndi ma audio ake plus anzake omwe amagwira naye ntchito munthu amene wakadandaula kwa atolankhani ku Malawiko zikuonetsa kuti adawo ndi mulesi hvy

  31. we are now facing neo-colonialism what about if you travel to the motherland of these neo-colonialism practicers?
    indeeed you need to think carefully before flying overseas
    passport money could be used as a capital here.

  32. We r quick to forget about slavery conducted here in Africa.Thats their spirit and they belief is a blackman was born as their slave.I doubt if these pple will change for better when it comes to poor salaries and working conditions.

  33. Bad treatment happens everywhere to international people or immigrants. In malawi sometimes this happens to ma Burundi, in USA it happens to Mexicans and other foreigners and black people, in Canada it happens to Africans mostly and other times to other immigrants including Asians themselves, in South Africa it goes as worse as Xenophobic rhetoric actions.

    Don’t blame this on all Asians blame this on human kind. Sometimes I used to tell some Malawians that the same way they think about immigrant fellow Africans in their country is the same way the world feels about them and they never agreed. To succeed as an immigrant anywhere in this world you have to expect such things and accept the pain then make your money and when you make enough take your flight, go home, start your own business then settle. Pain is temporary it does not last forever. It’s sad that this is happening but even the government can not change anything because it’s a human nature to be afraid of a foreigner and hence treat him bad in fear for his success.

    And like I said even Malawians do that to others, it’s normal human instinct

    1. You have said it all. You are so wise. Thanks for the genuine and fair inputs through your article. I have once lived in Australia myself while studying my Masters Degree. Honestly it’s the same story every where especially if you are unclassified worker or employee. Let us just work very hard to build our own country and let us build the future for our children and grandchildren and our great grandchildren. Let us together stump out corruption, nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, favouritism, envy, jealousy, greedy,, and all sorts of evil which is making our beautiful country stagnant. Let us promote love and oneness in our country. God bless you and keep it up. You are awesome.

    2. You are right Sir. Why should one feel Malawi in Kuwait kwanu nkwanu. As you have rightly said make money( financial capital) come back and live with ur people….. be [ and not feel ] at home, period

    3. You are right ,of course there are others who are really abused especially ladies .But its not only Africans, in UAE black Africans are better off than Pakistans,Bangladesh. Black Africans,Indians and Filipinos are in the same category, second lowest class.

    4. People think here in Malawi we a better yet its all the same.the mentality of seing a foraigner doing good makes the local feel jeolosy.its everywhere in the it europe,asia,africa..if you dont have balls its another thing..immagine if tumbuka is been called names and insults in blantyre or zomba for being a tumbuka in his own country,what you think of a foraign country,its time we face the reality on the ground and stop blaming everything on being poor.

    5. The inborn perception we have is making us and sometimes rigid…we normally think that leaving Malawi and settle or work across the border is an automatic key to success and rich making…this is quite opposite from what is actually on the ground. Immigrants world wide face torture of every kind,you mention, what is really important is to strategise your foreign stay and make use of every available cash, if its enough and worthy capital or something else to put as an investment come back home and settle…if our own closest neighbour in RSA do torture us.

    6. am 1 of them here in kuwait nde uyu ngati wachoka kuno wangokhala ulexi apart from kugwira magobo or watever iyeyu amayamba ntchito at 8am kuweluka 3 or 4pm each fridae off meaning 4 tymz off per month and he waz receiving 280 thousand Malawi kwacha pa Mwezi nde yachepa??? tel mi kwathko akulandila ndala imeneyi ndi angati komaxo maphunziro awo ndiotani??? mumuuze amudziwe yexu nalo bodza lakero komanso he z a man maybe now he z not responsible bat wenever he get responsibility thats wen he wl not hv a choice.

    7. It’s even happening here in Makawi….some of the reach businessman are ill treating our own Malawian or foreign worker are exploited

    8. Pachechewa amati kwa eni kulibe nkuwo! They must just get used to these kind of things. It’s not only in Kuwait where they are experiencing this, even here in SA tikuziona zimenezi but due to economic problems back in our country Malawi we don’t have a choice than to face it.

    9. Well said yakuti chani?? Are they wrong for expressing mistreatment they are facing?? What if you heard they are landing their country as dead bodies what would you say? Can Malawi assign a foreigner to do a job contrary to what he signed for? So you mean it is nature just because they are poor Malawians suffering? And from beneath of your hearts, can you for sure convince somebody that foreigners are mistreated in Malawi?? Nature nature wakuti chani?? Iyya! Let them be heard and to see how the government will review agreements made between the two countries

    10. Phiko La Milandu I understand your frastration but pay attention to what we are staying. Ofcoz it’s their right to express the bad conditions in the work place, in fact it was his right to come back home.

      But what we are expressing here is that this is a diaspora problem. I live in Canada myself and trust me I can tell you how many times I have been treated badly in work places yet the whole world says Canada is amazing. But you have to do what you have to do. You can share the problem on news, Facebook or wherever you can but giving up? That’s not something you should think of.

      The opportunity he had to go there is a chance that was Denied from someone else. Hence it’s a privilege. It’s up to the Malawians there to endure the pain, complain about it and try to see if the conditions can change but they should not give up.

      Racism is a societal thing. It’s don’t done by one person it’s by a community and everyone different form another person will always feel afraid or threatened by them. I told you already Malawians feel threatened by foreigners yet it’s their government that should learn how to tax the foreigner and use their money to provide services to Malawians. South Africans and any other country you will go to a foreigner is a foreigner that’s all

  34. Paja anati chuma chili mthaka,bweranikoni tidzalime,chinangwa,mbatata,mthedza,chimanga muli makwacha koma vuto umakalamba nsanga


  36. Palibe nkhani apa ngati akuona kuti akuzunzidwa chomwe akupitila kumeneko ndichani??

    Komanso chomwe akukakamira kumeneko ndichani??

    Zamnkhutu!!!!!! Kupeza mwayi wakumeneko ine ndipitako kusiyana ndikukumana ndi zima gate zati mbweee kunozi…



  37. Kumuthawa malawi ali wawo its not a joke kungoziwiratu kut sizilibwino ku nyasalande ngt zafika pololera kumanzunzika mmaiko aweni aaah zavuta ku flames

  38. Due Problem Its Our Country’s Poverty Rumour.Past Yr W Held Malawians In SA Complaints..Vice Versa.So Lets Kp Praising The Loard Certain Day Malawi Wil Bcom Rich And Thos Who Trt Us Very Sevir In Thr Cntries Wil Dpnd On Us Kp Cl

    1. Those are Arabs. Remember they came to Africa and bought our grannies into servitude/ slavery and what else do you expect from such individuals?, worse enough in their backyard?

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