Buses keep operating at night despite government ban


Though the Malawi government placed an order stopping buses from operating at night, the ban is being ignored by operators.

The government of Malawi through the minister of transport and public works, Jappie Mhango ordered that no bus should be found operating on the road after 22:00 hours.

Buses keep operating at night. (Image credit:and that’s where I’m at – WordPress.com)

The minister said the command which was with immediate effect, was placed in order to reduce road accidents which hit the country.

The government through Mhango said it was shocked with the rise in number of road accidents which were reported almost on a daily basis in the month of June.

However, despite government’s order, Malawi24 can confidently report that these buses are still operating after 10 PM.

In an interview with this reporter, one Malawian confirmed that he boarded one of the well-known buses from Blantyre at around 21:30 to Lilongwe where they arrived at around 2 AM.

“Yes it is true, these buses are still operating after 22:00 defying government’s order on the matter.

โ€œI can confirm that on Monday July 24 I boarded a night compost bus from Blantyre to Lilongwe and along the way, we met other buses operating as well which means the order is being neglected,” said the traveller in a telephone interview.

Meanwhile, government is yet to react on whether the ban is still working or was vacated.

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