Soldier paying bills the wrong way

Lucius Banda

Lucius Banda is a no stranger to bitter Social Media exchanges. He cannot help it sometimes. Being at the top of his game for over two decades he is the most known musician in Malawi, and probably, the most loved. That means people follow and interpret every action from him with close scrutiny. As a human being, although he tries to stay away from delving into his criticism, he does respond. And sometimes it does not end well.

Last weekend, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) had one of its most impressive outings when the party welcomed Sidik Mia into its fold. As 2019 is approaching, and MCP failing to win the Lower Shire vote in all Malawi’s democratic elections, Mia is a special catch. It simply had to be something big.

Lucius Banda
Banda was at the rally.

Who else can be thought of than the man Lucius Banda? He is one of the top crowd pullers in terms of music in Malawi. Thus they hired him. But looking at the history of Lucius Banda’s songs and his active politics, singing at the rally was something that felt awkward for some people. He is currently a Member of Parliament for the former ruling United Democratic Front (UDF). His party is in political union with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Although he has always distanced himself from this union, he still remains a member of the party. All his actions have to therefore aim at strengthening the party he belongs to than giving its competitors some mileage. Realizing the looming controversy, hours after the show, he quickly posted on his Facebook page to thanking Sidik Mia for giving him business.

“It was just business people,” that was what he was trying to tell his fans and party supporters. One of his followers, Henry Bamusi, responded, “But you made a very big mistake. You are looking forward to be President but ukupita kukaimba dance pa msonkhano wa fellow political aspirants,” reads part of the response.

Soldier, as Lucius Banda is fondly known to his admirers, replied back, “The best way mungobwera kwathu mzakupatseni ma bill anga muzindilipilira bwana kuti ndisiye kukaimbako.” In what has become a viral exchange of words, Soldier still maintains his position that it was just business, nothing else. Yes. But it was wrong business, s strange way for a hardcore politician like him to pay his bills.

The Ngabu rally was MCP’s biggest talking points in its recent times. This was an event that most people felt the party once again got its mojo back. It is looking forward to dislodging the ruling DPP from power, together with its partner, UDF, of which Lucius Banda is the member. Henry Bamusi has a point. Lucius Banda may separate himself as a musician and a politician, but the history of his music suggests that these two are one and the same.

Recently, after looking at Atupele Muluzi, UDF’s President, taking the party into a political union that was not sanctioned by its supporters, Lucius Banda was being looked upon as the man who can take the part on a hardcore independent stand so that its gains back its strength and charge for power. Surely, this has confused some of those people who saw him as the way to go.

He has bills to pay. As a human being, he has huge responsibilities that needs money to be fulfilled. But looking at his ambitions and potential, singing at the MCP rally was one of the dangerous decisions he ever made as a politician. Everyone saw him doing it, including those he will stand against in the next elections. This could be a hole that will sink him.


About the author: Wonderful Mkhutche is a professional speech writer, a political scientist and a manuscript editor and developer



  1. I have read what all of u have commented. But one thing I know politics is different as the way we think and believe. Politics is about trust and loyalty. Lucius has goofed big time. The way I know southern region, he has made a big mistake.

  2. I have wondered why malawian still follow the odd style in community by critisizing someone’s efforts when he is using the best of his own career. It is very sad to see someone pointing a finger at somebody who is paying his bills from his source of income as if you form part of his life.the only best way that Lucious could use to pay his bills apart from what he does, is you to pay for him!instead you are accusing him.Bwandiro is not an office where you could use to write your stories from.Get drunk,yes but use your desk and brains to write stories that can educate and help malawi move forward.

  3. Excuse me..can you all comment in commenting right here in Germany so I don’t understand your language…lol…

    Komano pomaliza ndingoti zonse mwakambilanazo ndagwirizana nazo ndithu..

    Mmati bwanji?

  4. Let me encourage other musicians 2 follow it as a very gud example, They were all politicians, bt he only playd d role of entertaining d audience leaving d political gurus doing dea busines.Nzosafunikanso kutukula oyimba aku… {best buy malawian} i tek no part in politics!!

  5. We have Lucious a musician and Lucious a Politician so is the one receiving a regalia Lucious a politician or a musician? I understand the one who was hired to perform at a rally in Chikhwawa was a musician but this time who’s this? Much love

  6. People forget that Lucias does not sing alone. He need to pay those band members. If he doesn’t sing where is going to get the money to his band members. These days you produce an album you don’t make money because of pirates. So it is such live performances which makes money for him and the rest of the band. It doesn’t matter who hires him. End of the day he needs money to survive.

  7. Luscious amene anapita kwa Mgabu ku msonkhano wa DPP ndi Licious yoyimba ndi gulu lake la Zembani osati Hon. Lucious Banda phungu ndi mtsogoleri wa UDF munyumba ya malamulo. Learn to differentiate these to personalities. Nsanje imwabweretsa kaduka. Simungayerekeze munthu wopangidwa hire kukayimba pa function ya chipani ndi munthu wopembedza ndi kutamanda atsogoleri ngati Joseph Nkasa.

  8. We dpps we r also prepairing 2hure him as zemban 2perfom at our rally if he does not then he it will itself speek with loud voice kkkkkk

  9. Kodi inu a Malawi inuuuuuuuu, Atupele siwa udf chipani chomwe chatha ngati katani la kuchimbuzi chi? Samagwira ntchito ndi dpp? Lucius kuimba kamodzi kokha pa mcp nde kuti walakwisa? Wakutokosolani pa……..?

  10. I dont see anyhing wrong because music to him is like being an accountant at standard bank receiving 100,000 as in salary.stop interpreting zinthu molakwika koz iyeyutu akufuna alipire ma bill akunyumba kwake.

  11. If you have better ways of assisting him pay his bills spell them out unlike criticizing him without giving alternatives. Soldier committed no crime. If he did tell us

  12. The problem with most Malawians is Hero worshipping. That is danger to our life. They fear to criticise. Lucius himself is a good critic. If he has erred, he has to be criticised no matter what other people may say. Lucius made a grave mistake. His actions were odd. He behaved as someone who is not politically mature. Kwa ineyo ndinaona ngati anapanga zinthu mwachikuwawe. Mofuna kudzionetsa kuti iyeyu ndiyeyu. People, especially a UDF anzake will slowly stop trusting him. I know some of you will argue on that but this is true. We cannot leave Lucius alone and mind our own businesses as some of you are demanding because Lucius is a public figure. If he blunders we need to bring him back in the tangent.

    1. ”lucius banda made a grave mistake”??,..just a music performance at another political rally u call that a grave mistake?,how about omwe anapanga cross the flow in parliament kupita mbali ya dpp aja whilst Mu parliament analowera ticket ya udf,.how about them,were there actions justifiable??? u said, ”lucius banda acted like someone who is not politically martuad” so was crossing the flow in parliament an act of political maturity???,…

    2. Chindevu Khumbo, do you remember the working relationship that was made between the Conservatives of David Cameron and the Lib. Dems of Nick Clegg of UK? What made them form that working relationship? So too in Malawi we had govt of minority led by APM. They felt it wise to work with UDF so that there’s a smooth running of govt. And am sure the whole UDF NEC was informed and they made a collective decision. And am sure Lucius did take party in that decision though we all know some can have different views. That’s normal in democracy. Am sure you and me aren’t lawyers to talk about sec 65 or crossing the flow. Therefore my brother, you can agree with me that in democracy the majority usually carries the day. That’s what probably happened to see UDF M.Ps to be found on govt side. I repeat Lucius created a conflict of interest between his party, UDF and MCP.

    3. Blunder kuimba ku event when lots of lawyers and doctors have running contracts from other parties as clients? UDF yake itiyo mukunena Inuyo? Waimbatu MA event ambiri a zipani zambiri and ma function ambitious so what’s the fuss? Amangwetu!

    4. Nonsense kodi mesa Lucius amafuna ndalama? what if kukadakhala ku msonkhano wa DPP mukadati bwanji? you think Lucius Banda sakudziwa chimene akuchita? Mbuli ndinuyo amene mukupanga criticise Lucius nu mudzazindikira bwino patsogolo

  13. even if he leave the party I will support him nt this so called ma dadies party then join hands with dpp eish just to enrich himself and his father

  14. Kkkkkk Malawi 24 yanga, kodi utolankhani wanuwu mumakaphumzilira pansi pagalimoto? Kapena kuchimbudzi? Mwatikwana ndi mkhani zanu zopanda mutudzi iyaaaa amene mukulimbana nayeyo akudya zake alibe pulobulemu inu mukhalira yomweyo zmanu akudya Pizza kuyendera galimoto zopuma heheheee Shame

  15. people,know that lucius started his music carrier before politics.The first source of money is music,him to become apolitcian is bcoz of music which is his business,now you are accusing him why?he is clever is not weak as other musicians.pliz stop accussing him he is right and dont want his carrier to end like his party pliz respect him.

  16. Mwalemba zosamveka bwanji. Zembani is another entity that Hon. Lucius Banda runs as a citizen besides him being an MP for his area. He was a musician way back before he even found his way into politics. Lots of other professionals are also doing politics while operating private businesses and there is nothing wrong with that. Leave the soldier and his constituency alone

  17. What is the right way of paying bills in this article? Paying without earning? This man is a musician for income, and entertainment. His market is Malawi and for Malawians. He is into politics for money as well. Is there anything wrong performing at the MCP rally?

  18. Mkuche thats your reasoning.. however Soldier wanted to draw a line between his business and politics.. he went there as a musician and after all he never declare to be UDF president.. if you want him to sing at your party this is your ripe time to call him as well

  19. Whats wrong kodi ndale ndi chidani ngati? amalawi nthawi zonse kumangokhala mu ndale palakwika chani pamenepo tiyeni tikhale ozindikira,

  20. Some of you Malawians have serious mental issues. You shame the country. Let the man sing, perform, dance or whatever, it’s his calling which is also a source of income. That was a perfect response from him. Pay his bills or shut up. What the fvck is a hardcore politician? Maybe he should stop singing and start stealing public funds like the others, uh?

  21. BROTHER WONDERFUL MKHUTCHE: GOD has shared TALENTS to each & every individual on earth: Therefore, THE HON. LUCIUS BANDA, is talented to singing, thus why u will see him singing where ever he is hired to sing. In POLITICS, I do not see him being there too long, but ONLY TESTING THE WATERS OF POLITICS!! Indeed let’s wait & see!!!

  22. Nonsense! Were you not the same people who said Lucius can’t be leader of UDF because he is a musician.

    And he is singing his songs what’s wrong with that? He has tried all avenues with UDF.

    I love Lucius even if I may not agree with him because he stands on his principles whether like it or not

  23. Is it only me seeing Wonder Mkhutche has been misquoted….kapene nditero kuti chingerezi chandidusa ineyo…
    Help a brother to undrstand please

  24. Eish…amalawi’ nsanje izatha liti? You don’t even know what is the difference between being a musician and being a politician. Why do you combine these two? Music is part of his business that brings bread on his table…iye anakaimba kumeneko doesn’t mean kuti ndi wa chipanicho ayiiiiiiiii.

  25. So funny,indeed soldier is a prominent member of the party but mind you he is also a business man therefore in business you don’t avoid those who are opposing you to purchase your goods,after all those accusing him,end up taking his songs thru piracy too! Pay his bills to justify your accusations!

  26. Most of us we don’t know how to argue..

    Vuto lokhala celebo ndilimenelo anthu onse maso amakhala pa iwe ndipo anthu amafuna ayendetse nawo moyo wako. On the other hand u need to balance ur lyf.

    Sikuti munditukwane apa panja kukondwa kusuka nkamwa

  27. Lucius Banda Is A Big Malawi’s Layer,Big Judge Whch Malawi Wil Nv Hv If W Wl Los Hm.Bingu Ws Panic Wth Hs Song Titled” Zikusiyana Pati Kundende Ndi Kuno”kaya Zanu Izo Anafedwa Inu

  28. Lucious Banda paying his bills the wrong way?So Mkasa is paying bills the right way?
    What’s wrong with you Malawi 24.

  29. Mm Malawians plz first u must think then balance ur disitions ko!he went there as amusician,,,Vuto lanu mulibeso any tallent coz mukucita vimmbuza pa net pano ashame on u:p:p

  30. Soldier is a politician and a musician. He deals in music. Hence, he is free to be hired as a musician. A Malawi nsanje ndi njiru bwanji?

    Lucius is yellow through and through so stop those games

  31. Mr magitala is avery big idiot amafuna mwiniwakeyo akut kutchuka anthu akamamunamiza kupage yake ya anthu 1thousand somethingko iye amaona ngat ndidolo who dont no him here in malawi paja anathawila kwa jb ku pp kumuona pot ndinzimayi alimwina akandigaila kaudindo tsoka ilo sanamupase coz jb also nos him tht he is a hungry lion who is looking 4food 2eat then nkuzabwelela ku UDF kuzayamba kubwebwetuka ngat muli nzelu even school mulibe amangoziwa magitalawo bas pakut sizoyendela sukulutu zoimbaimbazi chiimba chilimmimba, pano sakuziwika kut akuima pat pot kwathu u MP ndiye wagulisa atapita ku MCP kukaimba akupezekanso ali kwabushiri ndimabongwe anzake aja kukamukocha kut ayimile u president mwina nkuzapezako kaudindo, nonsense iwe ako ndimagitalawo bas uziwaimba anthu bas nkumapeza yandiwoyo osati ndale baba ndale simukufikapo inuyo ndimwana pandale u think udf ifwifwa popanda galu iwe, ndiye ukanaziwa nantindindi anali kunsonkhano wa udf zanali bwezi utazibibila kkkkkk

  32. Lucius is not breaking any law for u to say he is paying bills the wrong way… being a citizen of a democratic country he has a right to associate with whoever he wants… so deal with it

  33. inu simumaona anthu andale mmene amapangila switch from one party to another chifukwa chokonda ndalama ndi Maudindo at the same time compromising the interest of the people they serve. Kuimba its business nothing wrong there he can be booked by any person, organisation even political parties because he is in music industry and he has got a band with members in it who needs to be paid. so what was performing there was zembani Band not Lucius Banda.

  34. Lucius Nabanda ndimunthu wopanda nzeru, no wonder he failed his MSCE then and opted having a fake certificate.Ndipo ndimadabwa mukamamupopa ameneyu. Sadzauwonanso mapndo wa MP ameneyu. Si ndiwe wakhala ukudana ndi MCP komanso kufuna kukhala president wa yellow ndiye umakatani ku Shire Valley? Ma bill omwe ukunena ndalama za ku Parliament umapanga nazo chiani munth wosayamika iwe?

  35. Nosense ndale siudani man people hire Lucius to perfom in different platforms nde iyeyo whats wrong with him maboza Malawi24

    1. kkkkkkkkkk i will believe that it was just business if he goes to perform at one of DPP’s rallies. kupanda apo bwana, like in BOB MARLEY’S song, you can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people, all the times. komanso inu munayimbapo nyimboyi in SON OF A POOR MAN album. ndipo title yake ndi yonga ya MARLEY.

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