Soldier paying bills the wrong way


Lucius Banda is a no stranger to bitter Social Media exchanges. He cannot help it sometimes. Being at the top of his game for over two decades he is the most known musician in Malawi, and probably, the most loved. That means people follow and interpret every action from him with close scrutiny. As a human being, although he tries to stay away from delving into his criticism, he does respond. And sometimes it does not end well.

Last weekend, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) had one of its most impressive outings when the party welcomed Sidik Mia into its fold. As 2019 is approaching, and MCP failing to win the Lower Shire vote in all Malawi’s democratic elections, Mia is a special catch. It simply had to be something big.

Lucius Banda

Banda was at the rally.

Who else can be thought of than the man Lucius Banda? He is one of the top crowd pullers in terms of music in Malawi. Thus they hired him. But looking at the history of Lucius Banda’s songs and his active politics, singing at the rally was something that felt awkward for some people. He is currently a Member of Parliament for the former ruling United Democratic Front (UDF). His party is in political union with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Although he has always distanced himself from this union, he still remains a member of the party. All his actions have to therefore aim at strengthening the party he belongs to than giving its competitors some mileage. Realizing the looming controversy, hours after the show, he quickly posted on his Facebook page to thanking Sidik Mia for giving him business.

“It was just business people,” that was what he was trying to tell his fans and party supporters. One of his followers, Henry Bamusi, responded, “But you made a very big mistake. You are looking forward to be President but ukupita kukaimba dance pa msonkhano wa fellow political aspirants,” reads part of the response.

Soldier, as Lucius Banda is fondly known to his admirers, replied back, “The best way mungobwera kwathu mzakupatseni ma bill anga muzindilipilira bwana kuti ndisiye kukaimbako.” In what has become a viral exchange of words, Soldier still maintains his position that it was just business, nothing else. Yes. But it was wrong business, s strange way for a hardcore politician like him to pay his bills.

The Ngabu rally was MCP’s biggest talking points in its recent times. This was an event that most people felt the party once again got its mojo back. It is looking forward to dislodging the ruling DPP from power, together with its partner, UDF, of which Lucius Banda is the member. Henry Bamusi has a point. Lucius Banda may separate himself as a musician and a politician, but the history of his music suggests that these two are one and the same.

Recently, after looking at Atupele Muluzi, UDF’s President, taking the party into a political union that was not sanctioned by its supporters, Lucius Banda was being looked upon as the man who can take the part on a hardcore independent stand so that its gains back its strength and charge for power. Surely, this has confused some of those people who saw him as the way to go.

He has bills to pay. As a human being, he has huge responsibilities that needs money to be fulfilled. But looking at his ambitions and potential, singing at the MCP rally was one of the dangerous decisions he ever made as a politician. Everyone saw him doing it, including those he will stand against in the next elections. This could be a hole that will sink him.


About the author: Wonderful Mkhutche is a professional speech writer, a political scientist and a manuscript editor and developer

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