‘Prophet’ robbed K12 million


Malawi police are looking for three armed robbers who have robbed a 35-year-old man of God of 12 million Malawi Kwacha.

Confirming the development was Nsanje Malawi police publicist Sergeant Agnes Zalakoma who identified the victim as Pastor Venson Ngulube.

Zalakoma said the armed robbery happened on Thursday at around 5PM at Chibuli village in the area of Traditional Authority Ndamera in Nsanje which is not far from Mozambique border.

According to the publicist, Ngulube went to the said area to buy precious stones from the suspects.

It is alleged that the victim was shown the stones and he took a bag containing money from his vehicle to pay for the stones.

Zalakoma added that in the process of giving the buyers the money, he was threatened with a small firearm suspected to be a star pistol and robbed of the bag which contained K12,078,000 plus the stones.

However, as the three robbers were running away using their Toyota Hilux double cabin vehicle registration number ACT 736, they got involved in a road accident but they later fled, leaving the vehicle at the scene.

The thieves, suspected to be from Mozambique, only managed to go away with the robbed money and the precious stones.

Meanwhile, the suspects’ vehicle has been driven to Nsanje police.

Ngulube, who is a Pastor in Nsnje, hails from Chinombo village in the area of Traditional Authority Mpherembe in Mzimba district.



  1. Sanalakwitse Popeza Nayenso Amawabera Anthu Ku Church Koma Kutsagwidwa Koma Apa Ndiyeno Wazigwiritsa Yenkha Ofunikanso Naye Akamagwidwe.

  2. He must have stolen it from the poor desperate people so he deserves it and why should the police waste time for a thief like him tell him to get a real job

  3. the so called man of God robbed the church members,no case was opened agaist him. Now 3men took wat the man of God stole from the people, its now a police case??????? shame

  4. Modern day prophets and pastors involved in shoddy deals. That is the price you pay. Kapena osadzichitira prophecy yoti ndalamazo zipezeka bwanji???

  5. Modern day prophets and pastors involved in shoddy deals. That is the price you pay. Kapena osadzichitira prophecy yoti ndalamazo zipezeka bwanji???

  6. Wina nde uziti eee don’t be foolish, kusiruka ndi mafellowish kumene mukhalira yomweyo yomangoyimba ma keyboard anzanu mkumakulemerera, kupanda kum’bera mukanadziwa kuti anali ndi thumba lotero shine your eyes in dying minute anything is a weapon to destruct self poverty, don’t get suprised when your so called man of GOD demand your wife kkk

  7. Let the police stop this hunting rubbish! The prophet is claimed so bcoz he’s been performing ‘miracles’ which include protecting his subjects from such misfortunes. This is just a hoax! Am sure the police have pressing cases to investigate on their table

  8. Prophet robbed? I wonder why we have so many rich prophets these days? These are just thieves stealing from faithless believers.

  9. A man of God seeking police’ s help kkkkkkk zachingambwe yesu anati mpovuta wachuma kukalowa ku mparadaizo.uyu si prophet koma prosperous business man,prophet anali ngati achina malemu mbale mbuu don’t worry k12 000 000 ikathandiza nkhosa zosauka za mulungu, sapatsa pa manja mulungu,AMEN

  10. Mhm guys , God reviews only what he wants you to see for a purpose I tell you and not what you want on your own, lets not judge him coz we don’t know wat will happen to the thieves or man of Gold ,bt wat I blv i! its the start of the new chapter to both parties !!

    1. you are right sir but only what i know about these peole of ours is spilitual ignorant they think that God can reveiw everything

  11. Ngati zasala zina atenge ampase wabayo ichi ndichiphunziso cha yesu akakumenya saya limozi mpaseso linalo amenyeso

  12. Za kaisala zipite konko basi ndiye akulira chani is it a business capital that he suffers a lot to earn or zomwezi zoperekazi???? Mundiyankhe a prophet isanakwane mawa 12 noon that’s my ultimatum to u

  13. Ndizimenezo ma prophet kubeledwa mpaka kukachita repot ku police kumene yesu anabadwila ndi kulalika mau simudzamva za ma prophet koma ku africa kuno mmmmmm, angodyetsa wanthu njoka maudzu achule. mwini wache wakwiya nazo ntchito zanu.

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