Eugene Khumbanyiwa flies Malawi flag: stars in Rakka

Rakka Eugene Khumbanyiwa

Malawi’s cinema giant Eugene Khumbanyiwa has yet again made the country proud having starred in a move titled Rakka alongside Hollywood stars.

The science fiction product adds up to the number of works Khumbanyiwa has been involved in, in the category.

Rakka Eugene Khumbanyiwa
Khumbanyiwa transformed on Rakka set

Rakka was directed by South African-Canadian film director Neill Blomkamp.

The Malawian flag bearer feels honoured to have been part and parcel of the project.

On Monday he shared the good news on social media platform, Facebook.

In the movie, he plays Amir, saviour of mankind.

The film heavyweight urges people to have an eye on the project and appreciate the fun. It is on videos’ platform YouTube.

A few days after it was put on the site, the movie has been subjected to a myriad views. The feedback is likely to get more overwhelming with Malawians excited to see their countryman in another international movie.

Eugene previously appeared in Blomkamp’s District 9 which was shot in South Africa. In the project, he played the role of a paralysed Nigerian by the name of Obasanjo.

He was also involved in a big selling Hollywood movie, Death Race 3 alongside Danny Trejo. Then he went on to have his input on another South African science fiction, Chappie which was also directed by Blomkamp.

The South African based actor is making strides to market Malawi through film. Rakka is not end of the story as he will take part in other major movie projects.



  1. The guy is flying no flag. It’s his talents, his successes, and if the movie is a dud, it’s his failures. Simply put, the guy is doing what he does for his own skin, not for apumbwa aulesi ngati inu that drink chibukhu all day when others are hard at work yet you want to swoop in and share when success is at hand. Shupiti zanu!

  2. No men this movie eish you canot wath it for freequently eish mmmm anyone who need it i can shar. Koma mkuluyi wafikapo amapezekaso mu DEATH RACE 2

    1. Lol……they only praise somebody’s talent as if they contributed for that person to be where he is today yet they are failing to promote other people’s talent here but when u boost your talent then their come with their flag….mixxxie

  3. Is that the body of a human being? Those who say he is making Malawi flag rise, would you please explain in terms of what?

  4. Fabulous, I met his father during one of my free times somewhere around Zalewa, a very humble man, a retired officer from the army. He told me about Eugene its when I came to know this great son of the land. Keep it up son.

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