Phewa dance born in Malawi

Robin Hau

Players in Malawi arts sector continue to provide proof of the impressive level of creativity in the industry in a number of noticeable ways.

Phewa dance has recently been added to Malawi’s culture, after it was expressed through a piece of music delivered by Robin Hau.

Robin Hau
Robin Hau delivers Phewa Dance.

In a song also titled Phewa dance, Hau shows off his newly introduced dance. It involves skilful shaking of one shoulder.

He told this publication on Monday that he thought of showing creativity in a different way. This is because most artists think that creativity only comes in form of lyrics.

Phewa dance comes at a time when urban music has been colonised by a hip hop sluggish dance called dabbing which came with trap hip hop, a new version of the genre.
With the song bearing the dance still in its fresh days, it has potential of marketing the dance. Hau therefore plans to reach a large audience with the song through different platforms.

Malawi has a rich culture which is among other factors characterised by music and dances. The most notable dances are Gule Wamkulu, Malipenga, Ndipo, Ingoma, Beni and Tchopa.
Therefore Phewa adds up to the number of dances. Only the audience’s reception will determine its rating.



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